sale @ whole foods-- whole chickens $.99 lb

compumomMay 2, 2014


Our Whole Foods (Los Angeles) has Mary's whole chickens on special today for $.99lb. I'm not sure if this is widespread or local, but it's a great deal! I bought one last week for $2.99lb and it was excellent!

Conventional USDA NY Strip Steaks are also on special ($11.99) but not grass fed.

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One WF near me had NY Strips for $9.99 a lb. a few weeks ago.Still seems like a lot to me. I'd go loo for the chickens but it is just about impossible to park at WF on evenings and weekends. It's nuts. They are going to knock it down and build a bigger one with underground parking.

Anyway, thanks for the tip!

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Sorry, I guess it was a local deal. Pam, this time I called in the morning and picked them up in the evening. Two chickens were less than $8. I couldn't miss that! I skipped the red meat, we eat so much less of it than before, and I already have some filet roasts from Costco.

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I regularly see whole chickens at Sam's Club for .99 per pound.
They are usually packaged 3 to a bag. Whole Foods doesn't impress me.

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I rarely eat red meat because I don't like it much and also because it has gotten so expensive. That said, I enjoy the occasional burger.

I'm guessing the WF chickens are organic while the Costco rotisserie chickens are injected full of stuff. I couldn't use three chickens at once. That's always a problem for me at BJ's and Costco -- the huge quantities. I buy mostly non-perishable items there.

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I've never been much of a sale shopper. BUT, recently, with crop destruction and so many suffering with unusual weather, dry, then floods, add a bit of frost, then hot.
Issues with pigs, goats, and even green pasture heffers...
I watch the grocery fliers. I buy, then search a recipe using something i don't normally have in my rotation.
Just smart shopping. Try something different, or adjust the weekly menu.
I prefer the better markets like WholeFoods, Fairway, a local mom and pop, as the sales seem planned and not something they need to 'push' being on the shelf too long like the 'managers special' packages.
Seasonal produce like asparagus now and artichokes. Last month it was cauliflower...
kales, and some chard. Now rhubarb, lol.

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I agree, I don't buy the lowest priced item unless it's a special brought in for a specific period of time. No Perdue or Tyson chickens, I want the least processed stuff. We're lucky, most of the time it's the two of us and I don't have to buy for the family. Almost 8 lbs of air chilled chicken for less than $8 is quite a bargain--that's a lot of dinner and lunches to boot.

Pam, I hear you-- DH doesn't love left overs so I "invent" new meals or turn them into salads for lunches.

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I agree, compumom, that's a bargain. Here I can't even get the "injected-full-of-saline-solution-fed-full-of-antibiotics" chickens for 99 cents a pound, usually, and I refuse to buy the mushy/salty things, I have to look for the organic birds.

We don't eat a lot of chicken, only because I've got a freezer full of beef, pork and venison, but if I do I usually buy thighs because I like that much better than the dryer and less flavorful (to me) breast meat.

Right now I have 15 "chicken nuggets" growing in the "nursery", so they'll be in the freezer in a couple of months. Until then, I'll buy chicken when I need it. Too bad the closest WF is 200 miles away or I'd have snapped up that bargain. Ah well, someday the companies will decide that there is life in Michigan north of Detroit.


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