small home with loft open to downstairs...close vent or no?

sobeaditJuly 5, 2011

ok i am not sure what to do here. i have a 3 bdr duplex that has stairs to a loft room which is open to the downstairs although not as MUCH as modern homes. there is a big cutout open to downstairs.

the only vent located up here is near the top of the stairs, in the wall (closer to where your feet walk rather than up by your head). the vent was CLOSED when we moved in, but we moved in in january.

now that it's super crazy hot, should i open this vent and allow cool air to come up here (even though the only place i feel it is on the stairs when i pass by it!) or close it and will it help the downstairs? i don't care if this upstairs gets cooler. it's not enough to be appreciable i just have a big fan up here.

there is no dual zone system or anything just one thermostat. i think that since i have opened this upstairs vent it seems like the AC unit cannot get the house down to the thermostat temp i set which is 77 degrees. its sitting at 80.

i guess fast answer is i should try closing it up again and see what happens huh :)


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