help! new lg 4.8 cu ft washer....lots of water in soap tray

larsi_gwMarch 23, 2011

One of my BEST friends finally got a new washer and dryer delivered yesteday! She has needed new machines for years & finally just did it!!

Sears delivered her new (white)LG steam washer and steam dryer yesterday. I do not know the specific model, but it is 4.8 cu ft and the washer has the square door window, not round.

After each wash load, the detergent compartment is FULL with water. Not talking an ounce or so, I mean full. So full, that she has to remove the tray (try not to spill the water), and dump it in the sink, before she can add liquid detergent and run another load.

She says the machine is whisper quiet, and items are coming out super clean, and spun perfectly.

Any advice? This cannot be normal for this much water left in the tray after each load! My Miele soap tray (besides from the FS compartment) has NO water after a load.

PLEASE ADVISE/HELP...she is very upset, since the machines are less than 24 hours old. THANKS so much!!!

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is the drain hole clear, maybe a plastic burr on it? possible blocking the hole?

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Oh sure Larsi ... tease me with the GREAT LG report ;)

I found this - not very helpful:

  1. Why is there water left in the detergent tray after the cycle?

After a wash cycle has been run, it is normal to see some residual water left in the dispenser trays. If you continue to experience issues please see our detailed knowledgebase article for additional information.

I think my mom's has some left in there but not that much.

LG works on a syphon system (like Miele FS) if using liquid detergent.

I also found this link which shows how to ensure the dispenser is installed correctly (shows pictures).

If any of the dispenser trays are not inserted properly, the trays will not dispense correctly. Water will be left in the cups. Leaking may also occur.

I also read something about the little white piece. She does have the little white piece installed that says, "max" on it?

She might have the WM3885 (my second runner up choice). Specs sound like it.

If this isn't it she should call LG customer service.

Here is a link that might be useful: LG knowledge database

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Thanks everyone. I will let her know. She does love, love her machines though. They are so quiet!!!!!

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R U trying to kill me?!

When I first saw your post I thought you'd bought them ... I was really going to hunt you down - LOL ...

I really did like those LGs. You'll have to see them first hand and tell me what you think.

My parents new LGs are so quiet.

I'm surprised you didn't convince her to buy the one and only Miele.

What is it they say, "Friends don't let friends buy LGs" :)

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LOL Livebetter. She told me, she didn't tell me she was washer and dryer shopping, because she knew I would talk her into Mieles!! :)

I checked what she paid at Sears, and she almost could have just as easily bought the W4842 and T98xx dryer. Her wash machine was $1650!!

They are so quiet, and the build quality does not seem bad at all. The dryer does not reverse, and that is the #1 requirement for me, in a dryer. The #1 must, even above brand!!

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I know! It really wasn't about the cost for me. I would have saved about $1,000 going with the LGs but the warranty was only 5 years vs 10 with Miele (which was free as part of a promotion Miele was running).

I told you the LG seems like a well built machine (compared to the other "mass" brands available). The only thing with the WM3885 that worried me was the LCD screen and all that computerization. I was sure that was begging to break down (but who knows). LG is supposed to be very reliable.

The LG dryer is larger than the Miele. You should ask her if she has any issues with "balling up". I don't think my mom has had any problems with her LG (slightly smaller than the WM3885 but slightly larger than the Miele).

I don't want to know how great all her steam options are. I really struggled with that. I really liked that dryer and what it appears to do. Sigh ...

Good job I'm very happy with my Mieles!

As for the reverse tumble - certain items I dry (like a mattress pad) will still make somewhat of ball and certain areas will remain damper than others. For regular laundry though, it dries really nicely.

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Larsi, don't forget to post back if she finds out the problem. I'm curious now :)

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Both LG and Sears says it is normal (she took a picture). Since she is using liquid detergent, the siphon valve system is just leaving a lot of water in the little pop in tray thingamajig :)

All is Normal with her machines and she is so relieved, and she LOVES them. I am amazed at the quietness and balance. I LOVE, LOVE my Mieles...but my W4842 sounds like a Grumman bus compared to her LG washer. :-o

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OMG!! Larsi said something negative about a Miele washer...quick jump start my heart! Larsi, you speak of balance, does that mean Mieles dont balance loads well or is it just a noise factor?

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@ gates1...

Miele perfectly balances loads, of course most so during the spin cycle(s). It is just a pure noise factor. The wash and rinse cycles are really quiet in my W4842, but the spin cycle(s) are much, much louder, compared to my friend's new LG! We'll see how long her machines last though. I like knowing that my machine has thicker iron/steel components and higher quality internal parts. But, if one is happy knowing that the LG might only last 3-5 years...then it is QUIET and very fancy (and fun to use!!!) :)@

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uhhh, no. There should not be more than a tablespoon of water in the bottom of the liquid detergent tray at the end of the cycle. She needs to check to see if there is a little bit of plastic still there that needs to be cut out (with a knife).

Remove the tray.

Inside the tray there is a 'cap', perhaps a different color, that says 'MAX'. Pull this off the tray.

Look through the tube you just uncovered and see if there are any bits plugging it up.

Reassemble by pressing the 'cap' back into place, then put the tray back into the drawer.

You can also check the other sections the same way, though they don't have the same tube. (bleach, f-softener).

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Why do Meile owners assume that any washer otherthan a Meile will only last 3-5 yrs? My non meile washer lasted over 9 yrs before I got rid of it, bacause I was not going to spend the same amount of money to fix it, that I could of bought a new washer for. I do not understand this kind of thinking? I paid half the price for a Meile and it lasted half as long, so where did I lose out? I didnt!

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