Which view do you like most?

georgectMarch 13, 2014

Which version (A or B) of this forum style do you prefer most and why?

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B, previously right, because the separation between each post is better. In the left one, now A, the extra line with edit options visually divides the content, so one post almost appears like two when quickly scanning the page.

For B, I would experiment with adding the separator at the top of the first comment as well.
You could also experiment with putting the actions line under the title. You could gain some space.

Also, this is what everybody complains about. Could the right column be skinnier? 1/4th of the page instead of 1/3rd?

I find the most recent posts interesting, but I think most people are either interested in gardening or home improvement, so having two separate boxes for the two, may generate more hits for you. You could place one on top of the other based on what the current forum type is, gardening, or home.

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I vote B

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B - looks cleaner IMO.

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B is definitely a cleaner look.

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Definitely B. This new format is terrible. It is confusing. Each posting looks like more than one posting.

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I agree with everyone that B is better. It is clearer and visually flows from the tile, poster, and contents without a break. The A version has that break with the "clippings,..." and it is visually stopping the reader. But I like how the "clipping, edit" etc is in its own space, I just don't like it were it is.

I don't mind the width of the side bar on the right. I like the width of the post, it makes it easy for my eye to track across the lines. Any further and I have trouble finding my next line as I read down.

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B! Thank you for making it more obvious what the problem is.

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