Freezing Tomatoes Question

sapphiresJuly 16, 2011


For those of you that have harvested and froze tomatoes. Is it better to par boil and remove skins then freeze or freeze raw? This is my first year of gardening and I have so many tomatoes. I am not into canning. Thank you.


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Have you checked the is possible the txv is stuck which would make any sort of canning really uncomfortable.

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You posted in the least likely area to get the feedback you would want. This is where folks with HVAC issues would post. However, I checked with the person in charge of canning at my house and she has tried it several ways. No matter what, they come out mushy after freezing. Taste wise it is supposedly better to par boil, remove skins and then freeze. The skins do contain a lot of nutrients but I think taste is the idea.

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