best rinsing detergents?

stbonnerMarch 27, 2011

This is really a spin-off of the recent post about stiff, scratchy towels (which I have in spades). I've googled everything I can think of, and have found multiple comments about my particular washer (Bosch Nexxt 500) not being the most effective at rinsing. I've been sitting and watching my washer for the last several loads of clothes and I'm coming around to thinking that poor rinsing might be behind my stiff towel problem.

So - do you have a detergent that you think rinses well? I have found that Tide is by far the worst rinsing detergent in my machine, as it even leaves my clothes stiff and scratchy - not to mention towels. Cheer non he powder and he liquid seem to both rinse really well. Costco Environmentally Friendly liquid doesn't seem to rinse very well. Vaska rinses very well, but I don't think it is "strong" enough for really dirty things.

Any other suggestions? I am going to pay attention the next time I wash with Greenworks liquid and see how it rinses. Persil rinses really well, but costs and arm and a leg so I would like to avoid that if possible. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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For me, I find Clorox Green Works and Persil Color Gel to be the BEST performing and BEST rinsing detergents. I love them both!

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I've had good results with Sears powder HE detergent. I have switched to it from Tide and my towels are much much better. The only complaint I have about it is fading - I've noticed that darks (mostly my husband's polo shirts) fade a bit with it. So I've switched to Vaska for those. But I use the Sears detergent for all my towels and sheets. It's comparable in washing ability and rinsing to Dixan (Italian version of Persil). I always use Extra Rinse in my machine (LG front loader).

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STbonner, I also have the Bosch nexxt 500. Today I washed a load of towels with green works in hot perma press cycle with extra rinse and then I added the 15 minute Refresh cycle (no detergent) for extra rinsing and they came out pretty soft. I don't use fabric softner.
Have you tried the refresh cycle for extra rinsing? It seems to me it uses quite a bit of water, more than in a normal wash cycle.

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chloe45, I don't have a Refresh cycle:( Maybe my machine is older (4 yrs). Anyway, I do have a quick wash, which is a 25 minute wash cycle. I will try that next as an extra-extra rinse. Do you think that the Perma Press cycle uses more water than the Cotton cycle?

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my machine is 3 years old. I do have the quick wash too.
Mine has the ECO wash which at the time I bought was the newest model. There were still washers without the ECO wash for sale when I bought mine, so perhaps that is the model you have.

Someone on this board suggested that the perma press used more water.
I don't know for a fact that it does. I've never actually stood there and watched to see if it looks like more water.

I bought new towels about 6 months ago . If you notice on most tags they say to wash them in cold. So I tried it several times and my towels were nice and soft. However, I just didn't think cold would get them clean and sanitary and so I went back to my normal Hot wash.
I didn't think there was any way I could have soap build up on towels that had only been washed twice.

It was when I switched to Hot wash with these new towels, that I noticed they began to get hard.
My theory, for what it's worth LOL, is that when you have a machine that heats the water, your hot wash is a lot hotter than what it was on your old top loader. That and the higher spin speed is what is causing the towels to be stiff. I think the high spin speed smashes those fibers and they just don't fluff back up. Someone on this board suggested shaking each towel really hard before putting in the dryer. I've tried it and I thought it helped a little. But, I'm very short and so it's hard for me to really snap a bath towel .
Perma press spins at 800 RPM, Regular Cotton 1100 RPM
I know that others feel that the higher the temperature wash, the better the towels will feel.
I also think that what is soft to one person may not be soft to the next. It's all so subjective.
My daughter has a duet and I asked about her towels and she told me they were soft.
But, when I was at her house and using her towels, I thought they were stiff LOL.

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