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Eersfan4lifeJuly 22, 2011

XR13 3 Ton Air Conditioner up to 14 seer

XV95 100k btu furnace, two stage, variable speed 96.7% efficiency

Trane 600 programmable thermostat

CleanEffects Air Cleaner

Chimney liner

New Coil

New refrig tubing

Reclaim refrigerent from old system

Re-charge new system

Plastic slab

install new safety switch/disconnect at air conditioner

New condesate pump

Install new supply plenum

Install new return air crop and boot

Install filter arrangement in boot

Seal all air leaks in existing ductwork at furnace

Cleanup, hauling away of old


I have 3 days to rescind contract in the state of PA.

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Nice equipment

What size home?

Not a fan of CleanEffects. I prefer a good 5" pleated filter media cabinet like Trane's Perfect Fit.

However, what sticks out like a sore thumb is the size of the furnace. Why a 100 KBTU size? Trane offers a 3 ton rated Xv95 furnace in both 60k and 80k sizes. Has a load calc been performed? What size are you replacing?

I consider pricing on high side. Wrong thermostat quoted. Should be the 803 mdl.

Post back.


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What mdl evap coil? Is it a Trane coil?

For the price quoted,dealer should be offering the XR15 condenser.

I prefer concrete pad for condenser.

Were other quotes received?

Why the chimney liner?


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I appreciate the follow-up folks. After speaking with a couple other people, and having a friend of a friend of the family come in who services equipment, I have decided on holding off purchasing anything. The fact is, we want to move from our 1700 sq foot house (includes a sunroom with only one supply, no return) within the next 3-5 years. Even if we went on a single stage 90% efficient furnace with a 2 or 2.5 ton 13 seer AC, and a nice filter system, we'd be in for $6k. My guess is in five years, at best we'd save $2500 in utilities.

Plus, we found at least one major problem with the AC and one minor problem with the blower. Both were easily remedied. In eight years, I had never washed the AC. Didn't know I should. I would guess about 80% of it was blocked up. It was running really hot. Pressure was at 450 lbs when measured. We washed it all up and it went down to 240 lbs (it was 88 degrees today with 66% humidity). The fan was slowed down. He said it was pushing too much air through and not allowing enough water to be pulled out of the air.

In October, he is going to come back at and clean the furnace up, and check it out to make sure it is in good shape. The furnace is a Janitrol 92k btu that is 21 years old. Should it be replaced? Yes. Does it make sense to if moving in the next 3-5 years? Probably not.

Any thoughts are welcome.

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