rusting around bleach dispenser of washing machine

springwaterMarch 16, 2007

I'm in the market for a new washing machine because the portal where I add bleach in my current top loader is rusting around the portal--in fact, the rust seems to be around the top of drum rim also. I'm attirbuting this to the stong concentration of bleach. I thought I would try a front loading machine this time around and my thinking is if I buy such a machine that has a plastic portal for adding the bleach and a stainless drum, I will eliminate this rusting problem or will? Your help in making the right decision would be much appreciated.

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Does your water have moderate to high concentrations of iron and manganese? Our town water has this, and you basically have to stay away from clorine based products. It will deposit rust looking ick inside your dishwasher and on your dishes, and your white clothing can look discolored. Given this is what happens with iron in solution, got to guess that unprotected metal around your washing machine will also react. I'd bet that even lower grades of stainless steel will have problems with clorine.

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