LG washer ?

donnawbMarch 6, 2009

I got my LG WM2016CW on Tues along with the dryer. When I run the washer you can not see any water but can see that the clothes are wet or damp. Shouldn't it have a little extra in there somewhere? That was on warm or hot, today I ran a load on cold and it had a little extra water in the machine that you could see.

Also wondering about the door to the washer. I thought you would be able to only keep it open a few inches but mine stays open almost fully as it won't stay in place other than at that postion. Is that normal?


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I can give you a few pointers as I also have the WM2016CW.
I noticed on the Cotton/Towels and the Normal cycles there is very little water left over after the clothes are saturated.

I tried out the Perm Press cycle and there is much more water on that cycle. I have been using Perm Press now for most of my washing and am pleased with the results I'm getting.

You can do hot washes on Perm Press but can only go up to the High spin speed, not Extra High, but I found the High spin to be adequate.

As for the door, yes it is spring loaded or something and will only stay wide open. I got a bungee about a foot long and hook it into the hand grip on the side of the machine and then on the handle of the door. It works great at keeping the door open a few inches.

Hope these hints help you out.

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Thank you. That is what it is. Today was the first day using PP. I just wanted to make sure that it was working correctly. Thanks for the door tip.

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When I ran the towels on the towel cycle they came out kind of stiff. Not enough water or to much detergent? I have been using Arm & Hammer up to the 2 line and don't see any suds but don't see any extra water either.

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dd50, I have a Samsung FL. When I put mine on the towel settings it automatically defaults to an extra rinse. Probably because towels hold a lot of water and are harder to rinse. See if your towel cycle converts to an extra rinse. If not, try running with an extra rinse cycle.

Just an idea to try. I've also been using the Sears with enzymes and have been happy with the results. I let the towels do the default setting today and they came out smelling clean and soft.

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Thanks, I'll get to Sears over the weekend. I would assume that I am not using to much detergent if I can't see suds. When I wash on the permanent press cycle I will see a tiny bit of suds but that cycle seems to use more water where I can hear a little water. In the other cycles don't hear it or see it.

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To tell you the truth dd50, I don't know if you would actually see suds with the Sears. It just doesn't seem to make suds, and I have soft water.

The reason I purchased the Sears, was I was about out and the soap was on sale. So by the box, it's supposedly running me eight cents a scoop. There were a lot of people on this forum who seemed to be happy with its performance. I did buy the enzyme brand. I have to say I have been happy with its cleaning ability. However, other than a few dirt stains from gardening, wiping dirty dog feet on a towel, or grass stains from golf, our clothes don't get that dirty.

With the new FL I do notice that there really is no water. It squirts water out of the veins, but otherwise you don't really see any water. My old FL you could not see thru the door. But if you did stop the unit, there was a small puddle of water in the bottom. The new FL does seem to take longer, but it also seems to be cleaning better. This could be caused by the fact that the old FL was about to die. I think on the old FL's last days it just wasn't spinning as fast.

Someone mentioned on a various post that they were having problems cleaning a comforter in their FL. Don't remember which unit, but one poster mentioned that you might want to do a rinse and spin before washing. Kind of get it wet and de-fluff the item before you actually do the wash cycle. I thought that was a great idea. Just passing that info on to you.

After all this rambling, I just didn't want you rushing to Sears to buy detergent if you don't need to. Before my first FL I used Kirkland. Had small boys and lots of dirt. Back then it was just too sudsy (no HE available) for my FL. Now they supposedly have a HE formula. Also, Costco will take it back if you don't like it. Don't know if Sears has the same policy. I've also had great results with Tide. There are also other soaps that people rave about.

I'm just cheap, and will only pay a certain amount for laundry soap, so I tend to jump around between brands. Then I tend to buy big boxes and fill small containers and store the excess. I hate running out of soap and paper products.

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Thanks, I have been using the Arm & Hammer that I already had and didn't want to over soap but wanted to use enough. It is almost out so I will try the Sears detergent and see how it is.

I just noticed today that it has a button for a little more water so I used that on towels and it did put a little more water in there. You couldn't really see it but you could hear it when the clothes tumbled.

Haven't tried a comforter yet but will in the next few days. So far I do like the machine. I will try that tip and see how it goes. Just have to get use to the drying finished long before the washer.

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One thing you can do is use your timer on your washer. Just load the night before and have it finish by the time you get up. Unless you think the washer will wake you, it's a great way to get a jump on that first load. Especially handy if you are wanting to do a sanitize load.

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dd50, don't wash your towels on the Towel cycle. There just isn't enough water, even using the 'water plus' feature. I've been washing everything in the Perm Press cycle and the results have been great. My towels are becoming softer because I believe I can use enough powder to get them clean and the extra water in the Perm Press cycle gets them rinsed really well too. I also use the water plus on every load.

I've been using SUN powder detergent. It's available here at most dollar type stores, so it's very economical. It produces little to no suds and rinses great. For my white items I add some BIZ and they come out really white.

I liked the Sears powder, but found it to be too harsh with the enzymes and optical brighteners for a lot of our clothes, causing fading on some of them quite a bit. It works great on whites and lighter colored things though.

Remember, use Perm Press with water plus and you will get better results.


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I washed a full size comforter today and it came out nice and clean. I first did the rinse and spin then on the PP with the extra water and extra rinse.

I do wonder if there really is any savings because it uses less water but runs a long time.

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I found a great site that explains how the new HE washers work.

This site also covers the mildew odor problem with LG, GE and Maytag washers. It explains why it is happening, how to fix the problem and how to keep it from comming back.

The explanations are too longfor this post but you should go to the site and read all the details. The explanations are really easy to understand. There are a bunch of different cleaning methods explained too.

Here is a link that might be useful: How HE washers work

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That site is a commercial for selling the Nu Fresh product. Whoever wrote the article about HE washers is either confused on some points, or more likely is purposely misrepresenting things so as to sell the product. I am not aware of any washer currently on the market, either HE or non-HE, frontloader or toploader, that holds the final rinse water inside the machine to be reused later for the next washload.

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I don't think I will have a mildew problem. I have been leaving the door open and wipe it out when I am done for the day. I do laundry almost every day so mildrew won't have time to take root.

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Can't wait to try permanent press. This has been driving me INSANE. I have some bulky fleece dog bed/kennel liners, much like smaller comforters. They weren't even getting all the way wet on the Bulky cycle--even with Water Plus. I tried manually add water thru the detergent drawer and it would just immediately stop and drain out. Arrgh. Can't wait to try it. thanks.

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