new LG top loading washer ... ?

vieja_gwMarch 6, 2014

Our old 17 year old Maytag decided it was 'time'... began leaking water underneath somewhere ... so decided it was better to get as new one rather than spend on repairs. Consumer's Guide had an LG model (top loader) rated very good so bought one at Home Depot & was surprized that it was very little more expensive than the old Maytag & was delivered & set up & old one taken away for 'free'! Odd, that the LG was not in the top brands last year but now is with this new model. It does not have an agitator like the old ones & noticed all the more $$ top loading ones now do not have one either. Do they wash as well?

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The wash pretty good until the break.

Stay away from LG (washers explode, software slowdowns) and Samsung..(pretty but fail badly)...

Both are junk....

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Oops...are you sure it was leaking "underneath" as opposed to just dripping down from above?

Typically, the air-gap boot in the water supply on the upper left is the first thing to go. Rubber gets frayed and starts dripping. If ignored, it lets loose entirely. However, $10.00 part and easy fix. I'm wasn't there. I don't know...just wondering. Those Maytags were good machines.

In any event, I just switched out a 20-year-old Maytag TL at mom's place last fall. The only machine like it remaining is Speed Queen and that's what we got. Have it at my place, now. Very similar. Everything else is as you've described.

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Well, you'll have to see for yourself, if you like the cleaning performance of it or not. These washers definately work differently than you old Maytag.Some people love them - some hate them...

RE: exploding LG washers. Yes, that was really bad. However, LG made some improvements in the design of their top loaders (finally metal support brackets and more shock absorbers) so that there shouldn't be any more of these units blowing apart during the spin cycle. Hopefully.


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We first thought it was one of the hoses to the faucets (no... we are guilty... we don't turn off the faucets after each use!) but when turned off ... still major water on the floor. Watched to make sure the hose in the drain wasn't overflowing. When machine empty, all faucets turned off. still more water on the floor & more even after repeated mopping. Seems water is stored somewnere after everything turned off & leaking out over a long period of time!

Oh, my Iowa grandmother got her first 'elect.' washing machine ... a Maytag with ? gas engine & those rubber wringers that had an affinity for clamping on to fingers!! Our family has ever since always had Maytags until a few years ago we got a 'lemon' & then switched to Sear's Kenmore (but who made them for Sear's??!!).

Yes, the Home Depot saleman did say his mother had an LG with balance problem a couple years back but was fixed w/magnets. Brands any more don't know really tell you who makes them now so Maytag of years ago may only be the name now... not the mfg. I know people laugh at Consumer;s Guide recommendations but at least it is some sort of guide for a consumer! Now wonder why the center agitator seems to be 'history' now in the more $$ washers?
Hope the LG turns out to be another 17 yr. washer investment at least!

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There is always some residual water in the outer tub or pump (depending on the particulars of the design) on any washing machine. It's impossible for the pump to move 100% of it out.

Leaking when the machine is not running could be 1) the water inlet valve (simple fix); 2) the pump (simple fix); 3) the tub-to-pump hose (simple fix).

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It has seemed lately that the clothes coming out after the spin cycle were not as 'spun' dried lately as it had been earlier.... but thought it maybe my imagination!

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Go to and describe your washer problem to them....someone there will be able to assist you. If you have a Maytag, it is probably worth the extra $$$ to have it repaired. The Maytags of yesteryear are great machines; not like the machines of today.

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got the LG top loading that we bought from Home Depot; had to have one sent from Denver as none of the model we wanted left in the store except the floor model. Delivery & set up free (& take the old Maytag also if we wanted.) Delivery person warned us we would think the little water used would leave us with dirty clothes ... I was amased how clean things were using the small amount of water!! I miss the old Maytag w/ the agitator & not being able to easily control the washing mode... all pre set by me & the 'computer' takes off. No, though I have gotten used to it a bit now, I sure wish we could have purchased a new one like my old one!! Yes, still some lower priced models still like the old one but seemed top of the line models in any brand were the new agitator less ones!

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