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rick955iMarch 1, 2010

I have noticed that the pre wash option seems to be going away on many newer FL machines, whether it be the blocking off of the prewash soap area in the drawer or just missing all together - is this some new way to comply with energy star and efficiency standards? The only machines I see left with are some of the Korean machines and Electrolux - any insight in to why Whirlpool (maytag) , bosch and Miele don't include it?

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New Miele machines definitely still have a prewash option... they call it "Heavy Soil" (or something similar).

Detergent dispensers on (new) Miele machines are marked "I" for prewash and "II" for main wash.

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Asko machines still have it

Bosch/Siemens still have it in the Axxis and Nexxt series. Don't know about Vision, cause it's a nothamerican serie

Miele still has prewash, it is just called "heavy soil" in northamerican models.

Those Duets for european market do have it, but they also have the lint/coin trap US/CAN models don't have. So guess it's possible they havent prewash too

Oddly here the very one machine without prewash is the imported Rex-Electrolux Affinity, on our market since last summer. Other Electrolux machines made in EU (Rex-Zanussi and A.E.G.) do have it

Back in the 70s and 80s, prewash was a default step of programmes, now it is a rarely used option, because of liquid detergents. One just pretreats stains or collar/cuffs with the required amount for that load then toss everything in the drum without prewashing, to the point that liquid detergent drawer cups are optional accessories.

Here is a link that might be useful: Euro Duet specifications

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I will be using the pre wash often with my new Electrolux because, I like to quick wash in cold first to be sure no stains set before I wash in hot and rinse warm. Rather than so many setting, I miss my OLD old washer that I could wash cold, first rinse warm, wash hot and final rinse warm. Reading the manual, all these choises are silly, water temp, wash time and spin speed should cover it.

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Pre-wash = Heavy Soil on the MIele W4842

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It does seem thhat the prewash has dissapeared on American FL. I have both prewash and soak on my old He3t, To be honest, I use the soak cycle more often. It is a 30 min cycle that drains and then refills to the wash. I guess not a lot of of people used that cycle, so Whirpool/ scraped it, since it is the same machine with minor changes. You can always make your own prewash cycle, just use the rinse and spin option and add detergent to the drum...same thing, other than you have to start the washer on a cycle when it is complete. I personally always prefered the soak cycle.

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My GE Profile FL, 1 yr old, has pre-wash and soak cycles, and a pump filter drawer.

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The Kenmore HE5T has both prewash and soak, along with the new kenmore elite washers made by LG

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Good idea gates, cold soak will be perfect so stains don't set before hot/warm wash. Less energy use and wear too. Thanks for the tip!

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If you soak in cold, especially in the winter when tap water is cold, use your cold selection that has ATC so the water will be able to disolve the detergent and make it do its job. Detergents have a hard time is ice cold tap water.

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My samsung 328 model has a pre-wash. its automatic if I pick the "heavy duty" option, but I think I can add that option to a regular wash. Just have never done that.

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Gates1, can you check out my other post similar to this topic (I linked it below) and let me know your thoughts. Seems like you understand the 'hettie'. I'd appreciate your input. I cannot figure out how to do AUTO SOAK with RINSE/SPIN despite going by the instructions in the manual. Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Other post similar to this topic

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I just bought a Whirlpool Duet 9400 with prewash and presoak options, and a soak cycle. However, on the loads I used them, the clothes emerged with some damage.

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I have owned and used Miele washing machines for about 15 years (had a Samsung, Electrolux and Frigidaire thrown in over the years, but always return to Miele!!). Miele used to call North American models it should be called. As many Members have said, it is called Heavy Soil now.

To be honest, 99.9% of the time...I do NOT need to Pre Wash (Heavy Soil). With Miele's awesome tumble action, stains and odors are just removed in the wash cycle. With my son's clothes (from Pre-School), many times I will do a Quick Rinse with cold water to remove any dust or remnants of the sand box before I do the Main wash. His clothes come out perfect! Ketchup, paint, dirt, pizza, blood, grass, fruit punch...all come out with NO PRE WASH.

I wash ALL my colours and darks on Miele Normal cycle, Warm water, Max Spin! I use either Persil Color Gel or Ariel mit ActiLift.

With a good and effective detergent and a competent machine, Pre Wash is not needed...IMO!

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