Replacing mid-80s gray ductwork in attic

nic3456July 24, 2012

Hello, I am purchasing a home that was built around 1985. During the home inspection it was noted that the ducts in the attic needed to be replaced due to the fact they are the Gray flex ducts that have been disintegrated due to the UV exposure. The inspector guessed 2-3K to have this done. However, when I called an HVAC company to get an estimate they said more like 5-6K since I have 2 systems. However, I don't understand what the first floor system would have to do with the attic ducts (assuming none of those ducts would have come into the attic?) Is there a ballpark estimate on what something like this would cost? I don't know exactly but I would say there are probably 10-12 vents on the 2nd floor. Thanks!

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hvac company is assuming that they are bidding
changing ducts on both systems.
2-3K sounds right to me.
are ducts from first floor system in the attic?
it depends on acessability & configuration of
your home.
make sure whoever you hire only uses mastics
to seal new ducts. and have them mastic
seal the other ductwork too.

sealing ductwork is a no-brainer
and ducts leak more than you'd think.

best of luck.

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