W/D -- To do pedestals or not?

emmertaeMarch 30, 2011

We are debating putting our W/D on pedestals for the ease of transferring laundry or, alternately, keeping them lower and putting a countertop over them to use for folding. We currently have the W/D lower, and are used to it. Although, as I get older, I am sure I'd probably appreciate the pedestals. But, mny husband and I are not tall (5'9" and 5'4", respectively), so not sure if the pedestals are worth it for us? Would appreciate any thoughts!!

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I went with no pedestals because having a regular height counter with upper cabinets for storage was more important to me. Like you, it was what I was used to and I also think it is a neater look. FYI, Mr Akro and I are similar in heights to you and your husband.

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I don't fold my laundry where my w/d are (they're in the basement); but I really appreciate the drawers for storage of detergent, etc.

I'm also, um, vertically-challenged and really like having the pedestals for ease of transfer. Remember, we have shorter arms. Go to the store and bend down and try to reach something stuck in the back of the washing machine.
Depending on the size of the machine, it might be annoying.

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I have had no pedestals on one set and got them on the new set. I LOVE THEM! They are great for storage(keep detergent, fs, bleach, spot pretreater, lint roller and iron under the washer. Under the dryer, I have microfibers and other cleaning rags and lightbulbs. Easy to "kick" open, find, reach and tell others where stuff is.

Not having to bend over to switch loads is great. Plus, I'm also vertically challenged and using the upper cabs for stuff was a pain. Those are for items I might possibly someday need and if I don't then there's no need to get out the step ladder.heehee

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I love having pedestals but I also have a large table in my laundry for folding. If I didn't have any other counter space, I would forget the pedestals in order to get the counter space for folding or other things.

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Thanks for all the good advice. Maybe I should just go to the appliance store and check out the pedestals to see what I am currently missing! Our new laundry room is now on our 2nd floor near our bedroom. My guess is that I'd probably end up putting all the laundry in the basket, dumping it all on our bed and folding it there. So, maybe the counterspace isn't as big of a need.

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I sell appliances for a living! Pedestals elevate the height of the washer and dryer and serve as additional drawer space. However, if they are leveled improperly they will cause vibrations! Most pedestals are 15 to 15 1/2 inch high and the total height of the pair is about 54" when placed on pedestals. The choice is entirely yours!

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Agree with bombasticturtle.....they're very handy for many people but they certainly can introduce undesirable stuff if carelessly installed.

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Hi, I've never posted in this area before, but am commenting b/c I just changed from TL to FL after 16 years, and did choose to get the pedestals. I was concerned the washer and dryer would be too tall for me to use as a practical "counter" surface, but it's turned out to be fine. With the pedestals, I don't have to bend over as far to transfer the wet laundry. Also, since I'm not bent over it's easy to take a shirt or pants out of the dryer, do a quick basic fold and lay it on top of the dryer. So, I was able to keep my old habit going, even though the overall height is taller. Also, I was surprised at how much storage is in those drawers. A lot, imo. Also, I'm only 5'1"! I think my pedestals are approx 10"~12" high. Whirlpool brand.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I do not have pedestals, I am often in a wheelchair and the height with out pedestals is perfect, however the times I am not in the wheelchair I have a small office type chair with wheels that I use in my kitchen, I just push it into my laundry room and sit in that chair to move my clothes from washer to dryer or to basket. Perfect height and leaves the top free for folding. No aching back from bending over.

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Hi, have you decided to get the pedestals? What type of machines do you have?
We have the Whirlpool duet steam and just bought the bases this week. They are really high but I can see all the controls easier and it's so nice not to have to climb in the machines to transfer the clothes.
Best of all, we paid 23.$ for both pedestals at Lowe's. Whirlpool is changing the bases for the new HE models. They sold for 250.$ apiece when we bought our machines this past August.

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