Replacing condenser unit

mbrowneJuly 13, 2012

After considering a whole system replacement for my 3-ton 1977 vintage Payne system, I'm looking at just doing the condenser and keeping the existing coil and lines. The contractor can give me a Thermal Zone R22 unit installed for $1800. I can't find much on the brand beyond it being a Rheem brand. I'm told if needed in the future, I'll be able to match a coil to that unit. I would appreciate any feedback on Thermal Zone and my plan. Finances prevent whole system replacement at this time. Thanks!

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Run, don't walk from that dealer/contractor.

A new condenser should never be installed without a matching evap coil. I recommend you make the switch to an R-410 condenser 13 SEER model.


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Does this contractor really think your 35 year old coil will not begin to leak after installing a new condenser? This is going to cost you much more than $1800 if you go with this guy.

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Holy Moley! Dude 35 years? You got your moneys worth twice over! Do not try to repair this system-it has served well and it is time for retirement. Yes a new system will cost, but that is the cost of being alive. A new system will begin saving you money immediately on energy costs. I know finances can be tough but there has to be financing options available. You would be better off spending a couple of hundred dollars on window units than spending $1800, then spending another $3000 to replace the air handler next week. Get creative and find a way to finance a new system. Your old one has served above and beyond.

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Thanks for the responses. Looks like I'll be getting an R-410 condenser + coil.

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