Any Solution for Noisy Heat Pump?

rdonchezJuly 10, 2011

I recently moved into a ranch style house that unfortunately has the outdoor heat pump located in rear-middle of the house. This location is not only close to the master bedroom windows, but its also right next to the outdoor patio. Is it possible that servicing the heat pump would help? Alternatively, could it be moved to the side of the house? It is a Bryant model, approximately 8 years old. Thanks.

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post mdl number of outside condenser.

does it have sound blanket for compressor?

Post back.


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The outdoor unit is a Byrant Quantum Plus model with Puron. I will have to get the exact model number when I return home. I do not know if it has a sound blanket? I did not install the heat pump, but rather inherited it with a new house. Is there anyway for me to tell?

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Different models range in noise greatly. It sounds like you have a newer model that is simply noisy (probably a lower end model without sound-blanket).

I've never heard of adding a sounds blanket aftermarket but it might be possible if you call different hvac providers and ask.

Moving the unitcan be expensive or very difficult to not even possible.

If it had a sound blanket you would be able to see like a padding around the compressor inside the unit.

They make some newer heatpumps that are very quiet.

My unit is about 8-10 feet from edge of patio, its no problem at all since its so quiet (even when sitting on the patio).

However I will say when it heating mode it makes a slight low octive range hum that can be heard from some rooms in the house.

If the noise is a big issue you might have to change your unit.

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You can add a sound blanket to your compressor (do a web search for "sound blanket"). Unfortunately, I don't think that you will be happy with the degree of sound reduction by adding the sound blanket. The compressor is indeed a source of some of the sound but the fan contributes a great degree of the sound your hearing.

In reality as mentioned by another poster you can purchase a new quieter model...this may be more expensive than you think as most likely you may also have to change out the coils or complete air handler inside your home.

You can move the existing unit to another location farther away from where you will hear it. This might actually be a decent option depending on local quotes to move it. You will need a new electrical line run to the new location. You will probably need a new line set set installed. You can leave the present drain line where it is. Don't know what rates are in your area but I had my unit moved for just the same reasons last fall at a cost of $700 (including the new electrical line and new line set).

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You can also check the unit to see if there are any loose panels vibrating, or even flexing (think drum-head style) increasing noise.

Failed rubber isolation mounts for the compressor can also make them a lot noisier.

you can test for vibrating panels by simply pressing on them with your hand when the unit is operating.
You will feel them vibrate and often can even change the volume and tone of the noise with slight hand pressure.

Vibrating fan blades can also be a significant noise source (stay clear of the fan blades though, your skin is no match for the sharp edges of a spinning fan blade).

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