New Electrolux front loader leaves water in soap dispenser??

suek_1050March 2, 2010

I just recently purchased a new Electrolux front loader & have noticed quite a bit of clear water left behind after a wash in the detergent dispenser. Does anyone have any ideas? Or has anyone noticed this? I am a little overly concerned as I had just exchanged a 9 mos old Maytag Bravos (lemon) for this machine.

Thanks, Sue

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your owners manual may state that a little water left in your dispenser is normal since they work on a siphoning effect. as long as the soap is all out, I dont think you have any worries

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I'm reading my manuals, and agree with gates, it does say clean clear water left in the trays is normal.

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Thanks for the info. I did read that water collects in the fabric softener & bleach compartments but no mention was made of the detergent section. It makes sense that it would be the same for the detergent. Just not sure why it wasn't included. Guess I'm a little gun shy from my last washer problems. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am loving my new washer!

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Id love to hear your results on your washer. I think they look great and the fact that it has a reversable door on the washer would be a huge plus for me. Do you have the dryer too? If you like you can email me your experiences, questions and

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I just got the washer/dryer to stack and learned only one person from our local Lowes know how to reverse the door. My machines got here Monday and are still sitting about waiting. The stack kit purchased at the time of order was for a Frigidare model, plastic and cheap, shows and would look bad, glad it was wrong. Yesterday they came with the correct kit, but someone had switched the back bracket and left too short ones in the box. So today, still waiting for the correct part. The Electrolux appears to be a thin metal strap the is not visable when the units are stacked. So, be sure they understand the correct parts for your machine and they do have someone experienced to reverse the door for you. My hubby could have but then if a leak or problem, we wouldn't be covered by Lowes. Sure hope they finish my installation today so I can finally see how well they work!

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Oh, one more point, the dispenser drawer will come completely out of the machine if you want to set it upside-down to dry. Not sure what needs to be cleaned inside that space for the drawer in the machine?

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IÂd also like to hear any reviews. We are still leaning toward the Electrolux Wave machines because I want steam in the dryer.

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Bodica,,,,when you pull out the dispenser drawer, just look in the cavity and make sure there is no soap and fabric softener build up in there. Usually just a real warm rag will clean it out good, no need to spray anything in there to clean it. If you start off on the right foot, you wont have a problem

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Thank you! I'm playing with them now, Love the blue lights, interior light, pleasant chime, and Oh, So Quiet! The dispenser seems great to me, only used the liquid tho. The Dishwasher is so quiet, I really can't tell its on! As soon as they stop, I'll see how well they cleaned. Still no call from Lowes for a stacking kit. 7-10 days for me to order from Electrolux. Hubby said tonight he'd hook up the dryer (on the floor) so at least I can start using.

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this makes sense to whatever frontloader.

Just remember to remove the cup when you use powders, otherwise you'll have a big mess left, not plain water.
Not to mention badly rinsed laundry

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Bodica, glad your loving that Electrolux! Cant wait to hear the details on it! I have a top of the line Kitchen aid dishwasher, like you I love the silence of it when it runs!!!

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Thank you and YES, I'm delighted with my three new Electrolux. I'm washing a king comfort now and am fascinated how it has rolled inside out, outside in and has not simply tightened into a ball. It appears to be loose and free, washing every inch of the huge comfort. Very impressive. One thing frustrating after a TL, I can't tell what the temp is. I'm trying to trust it is sanitizing but wish it would say on the dial when it's up to temp. Also, I have no comprehension of the TBS use, so I've simply begun with very little detergent and am watching the sudsing level. So far, the results are excellent. Hubby brought home FIRST STREET and KIRKLAND, have these been compared to TIDE? Also, with bleach, with non clorine bleach, hot or cold results?
OT, love all the load options in the Electrolux dishwasher. Thrilled to bend a bit lower to have more height for stockpots and roasting trays. Flatwear seperator top on wash trays is also very helpful and cleaver! Love the one piece door so my Scooba has nothing to bang off and the hidden info panel leaving nothing but black to see delights me everytime I glance into the room. I had no idea how cluttered all that looked before!

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If you want to use vinegar in the final rinse, do you put it in the softener space, and does color safe non clorine bleach still go in the bleach dispenser or works better in the prewash? Thanks, Lots of differences I'd never thought of switching to a FL.

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Yes vinegar goes in the softener compartment,

Bleach dispenser is *only* for chlorine bleach (because it is flushed in the 1st rinse)

Non chlorine bleaches work better in the main wash, so put powdered colorsafe bleach (aka sodium percarbonate) in the main wash compartment with your powder

Liquid non-chlorine bleach (diluted hydrogen peroxide) can be used straight onto spots and stains, no matter you'll make prewash + wash or main wash only.
Just start suddenly the machine, never use delayed start in this case

Never mix liquid detergent with liquid non clorine bleach in the liquid detergent compartment, otherwise bleach will be uneffective

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Thank you!

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We've also noticed significant water left behind in the bleach and softener compartments. It's not a huge deal, since we rarely use bleach on two consecutive loads and never use softener. But it is an annoyance, so I'm wondering if there's a way to minimize it. We've seen it on every load except the very first we did. Might tweaking the leveling of the machines help?

I've never head the rule to not mix non-chlorine bleach directly with the detergent. The machine instructions imply that that's exactly what you should do, as do the online instructions for Clorox 2 Stain Remover (which uses H2O2 as the bleach).

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Liquids can be mixed ... but powdered detergent and liquid additives must not be mixed together in the dispenser, the detergent will clump into a mess.

Re-leveling the machine will not help the residual water, unless maybe it's grossly off-level. The softener and bleach dispensers work such that part of the incoming water flow at the trigger-point of dispensing is diverted to the appropriate cup, which overflows to flush the additive. The residual water in the cup is supposed to siphon out through a small tube when the incoming water flow stops ... but that seems to be a problematic process in many cases.

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Mine does that also. I know several people that have f/l and they all do it. I just ignore it to be honest.

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