A/C Issue's Any Help..?

andreww2368July 23, 2011

Purchased a new town home last year, had incorrectly wiring for 3ton unit so they replaced with 2ton.

This year had a tech come out to check

1st one said need to replace TXV and install filter dryer, "Found low suction side, High discharge side. Estimate 900.00

But that's when A/C was blowing hot air..

Some how when the 2nd tech came it worked again and blow cold air. but pressures still incorrect..

Called another tech to come out his story was different.

Pressure H494/Low 105PSI.. Possible leak, incorrect installation to lines which may cause the high and low pressure.. He said the lines might have a kink in it and that's why the pressure is reading that way..

Currently A/C is working but no colder then 69* some area's 75*, but that's when outside temp is 80. When it hit 100 i cannot cool down home below 85*..

My town home is only 1050 sf.. Which one seems most likely issue? Replace TXV or find leak, recharge, then check for bad lines?

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I'm scratching my head, maybe one of the other guys see's something I don't.

Your description has me confused. They replaced the unit because of wiring? Why didn't they replace the wiring instead? A unit is designed according to the cooling needs of the home, not according to the wiring. Also, why is there a need to find a leak, the pressures indicate there is no leak? In fact, unless I'm misreading something, it's quite the contrary, on average the low side would read somewhere between 68 and 72 psig if it is a R22 system, depending on the outside air temperature. Also, if this is a new unit that was installed last year, I would think it is still under warranty.

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