Gasoline on Clothes

pittalum06March 21, 2012

I need some advice on what to do after washing clothes that have had gasoline spilled on them. Last night a gas pump sprayed gasoline on me when I was taking it out of my car. I immediately went home and washed the clothes I was wearing three times in my washing machine, on the hottest setting, using laundry detergent. I then dried them in my clothes dryer. I know now that this wasn't the best way to approach the situation. Do I need to clean my washing machine? Should I clean my dryer or is it okay?

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Watch this tip...

Here is a link that might be useful: Gasoline out of clothes

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No need to wash the washer or dryer. With three washing it should removed most to all scent of spilled gasoline. In the near future, Prewash and Regular wash with your detergent will do fine with the warmest water temp according to garment label.

I have posted several times in this forum, if you use Lestoil, to get rid of scent:

1: Rewash garment with your favorite detergent.
2: Use 1 Cup of Baking Soda with 3/4 cup of Vinegar in the first rinse.
3: Use your favorite fabric softener in your second rinse.

The scent from garment and machine is greatly reduced to little or no residue of Lestoil or other oil based products.
Since gasoline is oil based, the same technique above would apply.

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The only danger has already passed since you have already dryed the items in the dryer. The danger is that lingering volatiiles in the clothes would ignite in the dryer's heat. Hard to imagine how they'd still be there after 3 washes, but it's theoretically possible.

You apparently didn't blow up your laundry room, so all is OK.

In the future you could hang the clothes to dry so the solvents can evaporate into the air, away from a source of ignition.


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Thanks Everyone!

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