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browneyes776January 16, 2014

I'm almost ABB - because I'm DIYing there's been some project creep. Let's just say I'm at a stopping point but might keep going!

I'm looking for a cheaper alternative to this gorgeous waterworks 1x6 glass (almost milk glass looking) tile. It's $62/sf putting it firmly out of my price range. I'd love to be under a third of that for my price point. I don't usually like glass but the opacity and texture of this seem more ceramic like to me.

Traditional Kitchen by Greenwich Architects & Designers Orrick & Company

Alternatively, I'm open to other ideas for something in the realm of subway (which is my default) but possibly with a twist. My kitchen is a monochromatic white on white look with white cabinets (custom color but kind of close to BN Snowfall), white walls, White Macubus counters and elongated 6" polished nickle cup pulls. I'd say the overall style is traditional skewing a little transitional (I've got a blanco flushmount microedge sink and brizo solna faucet in SS, SS appliances, and a zephyr anzio hood, along with the seemingly obligatory polished nickel industrial style lighting!).

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The Ann Sacks Lucian line has a 1x6 mosaic, but I'm not sure how much it would have the "milk glass" appearance of your inspiration pic. Worth a look, though, as it is in their "budget" collection and should be under $20 sq ft.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ann Sacks Lucian tile

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Thanks so much, bethinnc! I'll check that out. I guess I'll see if they've got a corresponding mosaic in the ceramic too to see how the size works in my space. I might also like the 2x12 that the offer which might go nicely with my 2" mitered counter edge.

For anyone else out there - do you know of a milk glass appearance tile in any size, could be 3x6, etc? I'm not looking for opalescence but more of the opaque, milky solid white perhaps with a texture.

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robo (z6a)

Susan Jablon maybe? Not sure if these are opalescent or not...
I like the ovals. $22/sf Small format
Susan Jablon milk glass

The next two are very far from your inspiration pic...

This is a soft white glass tile from Modwalls
Modwalls cloud

This has ripples, but definitely doesn't look as soothing as your inspiration picture

Somertile reflections ripple super white

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Thanks, robotropolis (fun name btw)! I've found Susan Jablon before and wondered about the quality since it's not a name I've heard mentioned much. I'm concerned that the ovals are a bit opalescent and also just oval! I'm not ready to step too far out of the box ;)

I'm wondering if anyone knows of opaque glass tiles... I wonder if the other Susan Jablon ones are.

I found another interesting looking tile at overstock thanks to your link that's more of a 2x8 that could be interesting too.


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I can't speak to Susan Jablon's tile quality yet...but, I just got in contact with her via email a few days ago to get a few samples sent to me. She got back with me extremely promptly and so far has been a pleasure. I'm really hoping that things work out with her for our tiles. I would say to at least get in touch with her - give her an idea of what you are looking for and she should be able to help.

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Hi, andreak100 - thanks so much for chiming it to add your experience with Susan Jablon. Would you mind sharing what you're looking at using? Did you find her email on her website?

Has anyone used glass tile oasis? The don't have anything that screams it's the one but I'm going to keep looking. Sonoma tile also seems to have something that's in a similar vein but I not quite as strictly white.

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Browneyes - we've been looking at AKDO's Stagger in Parchment.
Found here:

It's pretty much what we like, but the narrowest strip in AKDO's tile is a bit narrower than we hoped for.

When I emailed Susan, I told her what we saw that we liked and what we were hoping to find that would be different from what we've seen. She seemed to feel that she could help.

Right now, on Susan's site, she is featuring a "We have curved milk glass tile, as seen on Houzz" photo, so hopefully there's a good chance you'll have some luck with her.

I used the email found on her site here:


I got some samples from Glass Tile Oasis and while they were fine, I wasn't finding anything that was quite right for us...may search there a little more if Susan doesn't work out.

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Andreak100 - I checked out that stagger - very beautiful! I'm somebody who usually chooses classic and safe things - hence the subway tile to fall back on! If I were a bit more brave I'd probably head toward more of a seaglass look. There are some gorgeous things out there in glass!

Thanks for the email and experience with glass tile oasis!

For anyone else who might in the future be interested in the same search that I'm having I've found a couple more items that could possibly work although they don't have the subtle character of the waterhworks - daltile makes some glass tile swirl tiles and sonoma also makes vihara which I'm going to look into. For the shape of 1x6 I've also found walker zanger ceramic tiles in that running bond pattern. Still on the hunt and open to ALL ideas! Tahsnk!

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Check out Ceramica di Treviso's Loft in Aspen Bianco. When I saw your picture, I thought it was a picture of this tile.

It's stunning. A ceramic body with an unusual finish, not matte but not glossy either. And a just-slightly-barely pillowed edge. Nothing close to bevel, but not totally flat. The color is not totally white... more like the lightest warm pewter. Really, it's a stunning tile. I saw it at Specialty Tile earlier this week. They quoted about $10/sqft.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to the pic - Loft Aspen Bianco

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