Seventh Generation Dryer Sheets

larsi_gwMarch 29, 2011

I have not used dryer sheets in years & years, mainly due to the fact that they get stuck to the air intake holes/grid in Miele dryers and can cause an overheat warning and shut the machine down. And, that they are made of polyester, gooey chemicals, clog moisture sensors, etc. etc

So, I read several good reviews about the Seventh Generation dryer sheets. They are made from compostable paper and are chemical free. The directions say to tear at the perforated seams, to avoid sheets getting stuck on the dryer's intake holes/grid.

I did just this, and they still got STUCK! It seems there is no dryer sheet that works in a Miele.

Yes, yes....I have the Bounce dryer installed in my Miele T9802, but it is almost ONE year old, and it has not worn down in the slightest bit. Seriously, you can still see and feel the embossed BOUNCE writing that's on the bar. It is not smaller or flatter. I guess a Miele dryer does not get hot enough to melt the bar onto the clothes (a good thing I guess). There are times when I just want to use detergent and not use liquid softener (nice not to have to clean the FS tray), but my son's schools have a lot of cotton/poly and poly items...and I need static reducing.

Seems, I am stuck with Downy for life. Tried easily 10 other kinds of softeners, and they either did too little, or too much softening/fragracing/coating!

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There is so much air going through the Miele dryer. I put just a few items in one day and they kept getting sucked into the air intake holes too.

I have the Shaklee dryer sheets which sound a lot like the SG ones. Paper that perfs.

I have not used them in the Miele. I'm more of a liquid softener girl anyway.

I did use them in my previous FL and they worked.

Maybe because of the gas dryer but I never have an issue with static cling. I was told that gas dryer heat is moister than electric dryer heat - that would explain less static.

Excerpt from linked page:

The more laundry you do, the more, you'll appreciate a natural gas dryer. Unlike electric dryers, natural gas dryers provide instant heat. That means your laundry will be done faster and come out fluffy and clean smelling.

Natural gas dryers produce a fast but gentle heat that dries quickly and with less static cling. Unlike the electric alternative, a natural gas dryer provides full heat�instantly. That means your laundry will be done faster and come out fluffy and clean smelling.

Here is a link that might be useful: Advantages of gas dryers

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Thought this is not related to this site, Larsi, I got those candles we spoke of. The clean sheets smells just like the scent I use when i make candles, but mine come out better, I use more of it in the wax. These gold Canyon candles look home made, wicks are not centered in the jar, and the waxy shrunk down because it is a double pour wax, meaning when it hardens, it makes a hole in the center of the jar. I guess I will stick to yankee candle or just make my own again, they come out better and mine are done with much more detail and quality

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Oh no!! Can you return them? I have bought Gold Canyon and Yankee Candles for years & years. I ALWAYS found Gold Canyon to burn more even with their double (lead free) wicks, and find the GC candles to smell better and last longer than Yankee!!

Maybe you got a bad batch or something! One of the things I love most about GC, is that I never get a hole in the center of the jar (something I get a lot with Yankee).

I've always found the GC Clean Sheets to smeller fresher and more "real" than the Yankee Cotton.

I am SO sorry you are disappointed. Honestly, I have been using GC candles for about 10 years, and have been very impressed!!!

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