Hole in the duct? Is this right?

azladyJuly 28, 2011

I'm really not sure what the names of the parts of my furnace are but I will do my best to describe what's happening:

Our furnace unit is located in an outside closet. Standing in front of the unit, I see the furnace, above that I see the indoor coiling unit, and above that is a steel chute that leads up (to the roof/ceiling I guess). I've noticed in the steel piece is a perfectly round hole about 1" in diameter. Is that supposed to be there? Wouldn't air come out of that instead of going into the duct system?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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While it seems rare for residential equipment, it may have been opened up to test and balance the system's airflow. It's hard to tell what it may have been opened up for, but I would seal it with a piece of flat sheet metal, screws, and foil tape (or -- just a couple layers of foil tape if it's easier).

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I think you are right (house went through inspections last year). Foil tape is a great suggestion. Thank you!

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