Need new a.c. unit

grama2July 18, 2011

My Heil ac compressor broke down beginning of July. I really can't afford a new a.c. but they want $800.00 dollars for a new compressor and labor. I also got a quote for $1200.00 for a new all inclusive ( ac and labor ) on a Gibson. I have read poor reviews on the Gibson but I also have read that sometimes it's the tech who puts it in and not the ac unit. I really can't afford an expensive unit as I will be spending a lot of money on a new roof very soon. I need to move quickly as they are predicting high 90's this week not to mention my husband is getting irritable about not having a.c. Any comments on the Gibson unit?

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Post mdl number on Gibson quoted. I see nothing wrong with the Gibson but if paired with an exising furnace, you will require a matching evap coil. It seems that is your best course of action.

Do you mind sharing your location?

Post back.


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I decided to get a second opinion on my central air and am I glad I did. It turns out I do not need a new compressor. All I needed was a capacitor. A part that cost less than $30.00. I can't believe how lucky I am to have saved so much money by not having to buy a new compressor or whole new central a.c. Lesson learned: It really does pay or should I say in my case, save, to get a second opinion.

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wow first guy trying to make a quick buck. I would call his boss and tell him dude is either incompetent or a thief.

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I'd be really angry about sitting in the heat for a couple of weeks for no good reason.

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That is no kidding Ionized. It is like an E-Z Bake Oven over this way lately. I would not be happy either.

Hey who took out the 25 watt bulb and put in a 75? I am burnin up over here.

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We were upset and also were wondering too if this guy was trying to pull a fast one or just incompetent. He actually is the owner of his own company not just an employee. The guy we have been using for our furnaces recommended him because he himself doesn't like the a.c. part of the job. I bet you can guess out of the three of them which one I will be using in the future. Of course the honest and most competent one who saved me money!!!!!!!!!:)

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I see this happen quite frequently and most times it is incompetence. There are people in the field who may have been there a long time and still can't trouble shoot a compressor circuit. There are those who also prey on the fact most people worry the compressor may go up and it can be costly. Compressors do go up but in my years of doing this work, it is not that frequent. Reading many posts here, I often wonder if indeed many of the compressors/condensing units/whole replacements were necessary. Without being there and seeing for myself, I generally assume the tech. is competent.

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