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GWloloMarch 3, 2013

DH who is our main laundry dude is interested in trying persil is I can figure out and get the types. Our laundry set up is close to being done. We have the smaller older 220v Miele pairs. Those of you who use persil, please recommend which kind to try, how much to use for each load and where to buy from. What is your advice on bleaches, oxygen bleaches etc. Are they OK to use in Miele or unnecessary?

1) cotton white kitchen clothes (used instead of paper towels). I hope to be able to get these to be white after each wash. This will be a separate load.
2) gentle wash for day to day clothes
3) towels and bed linen. These will need to be washed hot enough to kill dust mites. Many of these are white.
4) darks - good quality business clothes
5) very delicate items like occasional silks, woolens etc.

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Persil Megaperls comes with oxy bleach and brighteners - no need to add extra oxy. Persil Megaperls Color has neither oxy nor brighteners but color transfer inhibitors. Perwool lacks enzymes so it's suitable for woolens.

- Persil Megaperls for load 1) and 3) - the oxy ingredients starts working at 104F (warm) but works even better at 140F (hot). Dust mites die at 140F and above.
- Persil Megaperls Color for load 2) and 4). It's certainly gentle enough for most cottons and blends and even has an enzyme in it to eat cotton fuzz/lint balls off your clothes.
- Perwool for load 5).

I always go by the dosing instructions on the package and never has sudsing issues or allergic reactions. By German definition (and I suppose Henkel goes by this one), soft water is below 8 gpg, medium is below 14 gpg and hard above 14 gpg.

The Persil Color liquid was just recently tested by our consumer magazine and, as usual, didn't clean quite as well as the powder.


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