Our Mieles have arrived!

waterloo-redMarch 10, 2011

After a long and difficult decision process aided by many people here (Livebetter, gates1, sshrivastava and others) we decided to go with the Miele 4842 and 9802.

The scramble then began to get the new laundry room to the point where we could install the machines before our old kenmores died (it was very close).

Well, the plumbing is done, walls painted and the floor is down so we had the machines istalled yesterday. Wow, they are everything we had hoped they would be. They look fantastic and are solidly built. Did a few loads last night and they are very quiet. They are installed on slate on the second floor and there is no vibration at all. We are extremely pleased.

As you can see, we still need the cabinets installed along the left hand wall.

I think this has been covered but I searched and couldn't find the answer. I even looked in the manual (mind you not too closely). Is it normal for the deteregnt drawer to pop out a little when the machine is running?

And finally, is anyone else a little bothered by the different lights in the washer and the dryer? LED vs Halogen? Halogen vs incandescent? Anyway, the colors are different. I will get over it though.

I am sure I will have more questions about cycles as we go on.

Now if I can only get BMW Canada to ship my car faster I would really be happy.

Thanks again for all the advice!


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They look great. Is that a heater/AC vent in front of the washing machine or a drain?

The drawer is, sorry, no supposed to pop out that much. I had Miele come out, and they did something with the arm/valve/lever in the back of the detergent drawer. It now does not pop out at all now. If you do not feel like calling and waiting for a Service call...it popping out will not cause any damage. It's just annoying!

The different colour lights in the dryer and washer do bug me. I used to think it was due to high heat in the dryer..but the Sanitize mode in the washer prob gets hotter than the dryer. I do not think there is a reason for the different coloured lighting.

Again, congrats and enjoy your machines. I love mine more each time I use them!!!

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Thanks Larsi, we will call Miele to have them look at the detergent drawer.

It is an awkward placement of a vent. I have a cast iron black vent on order from Restoration Hardware that will make it a little less noticeable.

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The detergent drawer should not pop out at all during a cycle. You should definitely have that checked. The different color of the lights is very exaggerated in the photos - most digital cameras use automatic white balance which makes the differences between LED and incandescent/halogen lighting look much more than it really is. The light in the washer is LED, but has a slightly yellow plastic filter that makes the color of light more similar to that of the halogen bulb in the dryer. When looking at the two lights with my eyes, they look very similar and the differences are minor. I am stumped why Miele didn't just use the same LED lighting in the dryer.

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True about the washer light. In reality it is a very white light. The dryer is dead on.

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W-R - congrats!! Room looks great - machines look great.

I've been meaning to take photos of mine and post my official review. Hopefully I'll find time soon.

My detergent drawer popped out too at first - although maybe not that far. I push it in tight before I start the load and it no longer pops out. Weird.

I consider myself very particular and I didn't really notice the lights at all. Now that I can sort of see it - it doesn't bother me at all. Although I'd be curious why they didn't make them the same.

Black grate on that vent will be much less visible - I have metal ones from Summerhill (Elte) and they are also very strong if you step on them - which you probably will where it is placed.

I am really LOVING these machines. No regrets here (yet anyway). They absolutely clean better and most definitely rinse better than my previous machines.

I have used several settings and have been pleased with almost all of them. Wasn't sure I loved the dress shirt setting in Master Care so I've been using wrinkle free for my husband's shirts.

I really loved the comforter setting! Amazing for bulky items.

Even after all the hullabaloo about the Miele not using the heater on the normal setting - I use normal quite a bit for my kids' things. On warm it is plenty warm and their things come out clean and fresh.

I have used the extra white setting for white sheets and towels and things come out beautiful. I did white towels this week on normal (extra warm) and they still came out beautiful.

This washer rinses SO well. That is probably the thing I'm most happy about. I can now see how the Frigidaire was not rinsing well at all.

I have used the delay setting A LOT. Since some loads take forever to wash. For example if I'm doing tea towels on extra white extended it can take around 2 hours. I have it start early in the am and when I get up they are ready for the dryer - sweet!

The dryer takes a little getting used too. I'm still debating whether it is leaving too much moisture in my loads or not. It dries so quickly and things come out so fluffy. I really love the dryer too. I feel that the dryer leaving a little moisture is probably much better for the fabrics.

I hope you are as happy with yours! Looking forward to a follow up when you've had a chance to really use them and see what they can do.

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You'll notice that the Miele dryer never causes static cling. That's due to the small amount of residual moisture left in the fabrics, which is a good thing. The Miele dryer uses a lower temperature but moves a much higher volume of air to achieve these great results.

Livebetter, have you customized your unit for higher rinse levels or are you saying that you're happy with the stock, factory settings?

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If and when the time comes, my next set will be a Miele. Anyone know what the difference is between the gas and electric versions of this set, as far as the reverse tumbling action? I hear the gas one only does it at the end of a cycle and the electric one, throughout the cycle?

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sshrivastava, I think they are just the factory settings. It is set for Water + / extra rinse (but I think that's the way it came).

I see no issues whatsoever with rinsing. This machine rinses MUCH better than my previous Frigidaire.

I can really see how the machine senses each load and changes things accordingly.

I know Larsi did not like his gas dryer but mine seems to be working fine. My only debate is whether I'm happy with the factory moisture level. Some times it's OK but sometimes I feel things are a little too damp. I haven't tried extra dry.

I haven't watched it but it does reverse tumble toward the end (although I think sometimes it might do it sooner).

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