T-9800 Miele Dryer

hutchlakeMarch 28, 2013

Dryer will not stop heating. Not sensing clothes are dry. Miele tech support says carbon brush on sensor is bad...I ordered the part....they wont tell me any other info other than it's on the drum...just wondering if anybody has any intel for me...I have replaced the belt on this dryer before...which was no easy chore and I'm sure I made it harder than it had to be...

Thank you

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A photograph showing the brush assembly and location is shown here, as is a (lively) discussion on replacing them: Miele dryer clicking noise discovered

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Fahrenheit....thank you for the reply...yes, that discussion was going no where...funny...but I did get to see where sensor is and I thank you for that...parts ordered so when it arrives I'm going in!!...keep you posted

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Replaced brushes. Old ones were worn down quite a bit. Still did not fix problem. I found that the metal track ...the inner most brush rides on...the one that makes the electrical contact to the inside the drum paddle...had moved and was also contacting the drum it self which was causing the dryer to not recognize when items were dry. I was able to carefully slide the metal track to to where it was not making contact. Everything works well now. Thanks

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Isn't it funny how the manufacturers would like us to believe that their machines are such baskets of high technology, but when it comes down to the core functionality it's all about physical connections?

When the Miele service technician opened up my dryer, I must say that I was disappointed to see a highly touted product like Miele use such a rudimentary method for moisture detection. Of course I have no idea how other manufacturers deal with this issue, but to see a connector "riding on a rail" along the outside of the drum just seems very low-tech to me and something that could be improved upon.

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As I understand, the entire drum surface in a Miele functions as the contact with the clothing for moisture sensing, so there must an electrical connection between the drum and the control board. The drum rotates ... so ... the electrical interface must accommodate for such.

Maytag Halo-of-Heat dryers back to the 1960s (maybe late 1950s) had sensor in the drum baffles, which of course rotate with the drum, and used a similar system.

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I'm in the process of replacing my dryer belt, and I would appreciate your help.
I've got the machine open and found the broken belt. Where did you get your new belt from?
If you could give me any tips on putting on the new belt, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Dadoes, what year did Maytag switch to the moisture contacts mounted on the bulkhead that didnt rotate with the drum?

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