Correct Trane Comfort Coil Model Number?

DudeguyJuly 31, 2011

I am trying to find the ARI number for my Trane heat pump system.

The Trane furnance number is: TDD100R9V5

The Trane XL16i heat pump number is: 4TWX6048B1

The Trane coil number is: RXC054S3HPC0

I can't find ARI number in the ARI database for this configuration. I was told by the installer the coil number could be 4TEE3F49A or 4TXFH063AS3 even though the coil unit and bill of sale is RXC054S3HPC0. The company is dragging their feet getting back to me with the ARI number....

How can I find the correct ARI number or was the wrong coil installed?

Thank you for your help!

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how old is your system? that coil is a good number but has been discontinued for many years. It was not offered very long, probably a couple of years.

I searched AHRI directory and could not find it.

if this is an issue, I suspect you would have to call your area Trane distributor, ask for the residential specialist, and ask him to look it up. you might also contact AHRI in an email and see if they have anything in their archives. I personally believe your system is a matched system.

Good Luck!

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My system was installed in late 2006. The AHRI should of existed in 2006, but when asking the installers at time of install, they couldn't provide the AHRI. I keep asking all these years, they keep avoiding. I just want to be sure the set up is correct.

I will contact the local Trane distibutor and see if they are responsive.

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Today I contacted Trane and they forwarded me to AHRI. 5 minutes later, I had my AHRI number for my 2006 system, all is good.

I encourage everyone who is having difficulties finding their AHRI number to contact AHRI @ 703-806-7822.


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