Why can't I stack a 27' Miele pair?

springrozMarch 11, 2012

Do they just not make a stack adapter? Could something be rigged?

I had made up my mind to stack in my new laundry, but I do not want to move my rusty, near end-of-life HE3t!

I don't know if I can live with half the capacity to go with a 24" pair....

I really like the Miele, too!

Anyone been OK going smaller?


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You would have a hard time seeing the controls on the dry if they are stacked. The washer is 39 inches tall and the dry and the panel os going to at or above the six foot level.

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Ok!! Since i am not tall, that won't cut it. I could put a step in front, though, and call it cross training....

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So, I went back to the GE spec sheet I have, and I saw them stacked at HD. I could barely see the controls, but could manage. They are 40.5 inches!! So , the Mieles are shorter!!

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Technically, you could stack the units - the washer should be able to carry the weigh of the dryer. Using the dryer's controls will be tricky, as stated above.

I'd say you could either push the dryer back so you can use the washer's controls. But that would mean that the back part of the dryer isn't supported and the washer will stand out quite at bit because you'll need room for venting behind the dryer.

Or you could put a piece of plywood between the units so that there's a gap between the base of the dryer and the washer's top for your fingers to reach the control panel.


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I recently purchased a small Asko set as a 2nd set. My other set is a 4' LG. For the past few weeks I have been doing all of our laundry, family of 5, in the Asko. The bulkiest item I wash is my 1500 thread count sheets and the Asko is fine with the full set.

I looked at the Miele set and went with the Askos because of price differences and an extra 2 years on the warranty but they were very comparable I thought.

There are some UK sites that go into detailed wash capacity ratings. My advice would be to weigh your laundry to get an idea of how much clothing the weight limit on the Mieles translated to.

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