Can you reheat a baked potato?

jkayd_il5January 19, 2012

I fixed two sweet potatoes in the microwave Tuesday for dinner. They were so big we shared one of them. I am preparing pork chops in the oven tonight. Can I use the left over sweet potato? In the oven, how long? or the microwave for a couple minutes. It was put in the refrigerator right after the meal. Thanks!

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Instead of just warming them up, try cutting them up and pan fry using butter and a bit of salt or even sugar to give them a different taste. I do this with white/red patatoes all the time after I bake them. Or slice/cut them up and just fry them, like sweet potatoe fries.
I call this creative cooking

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I agree, Marie. And I love to eat the baked peels too, so I always wash the potatoes well before baking them.

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I always bake two sweet potatoes at the same time. Eat one, put the other one, still with the peel on, in the fridge. When I want that one I slice it down the middle, longways, and nuke it for a minute or so depending on size. Add a dollop of butter and it is ready to eat. If you choose to, add a dab of brown sugar and cinnamon.


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To answer your question, yes, you can reheat a baked potato. Easy. I do it in the microwave (I think it'd get too dried out in the oven). Depending upon size, zap it for 1 minute and then feel it to see if it needs more. If so, rotate it, and give it another 30 seconds. And so on.

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I like Marie's way to fix the leftover ones, seldom have leftovers though on those, so I usually just fry mine when I want one.


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I wrap in a damp paper towel & then zap in the microwave for 1 minute - just like new!

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I always re-heat/cook left over potato...they are great re-cooked in a variety of ways. I would choose seasonings over sugars though, just a healthier choice in my opinion.

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Preferable to eating it cold, I say.

ole joyful

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I was just saying I should call a restaurant owner where we went for a firemans Christmas party a few years ago to see if she can answer this question. We had steak and baked potatoes. The potatoes were all black. I think she had reheated them twice in the oven with the foil stil on them. You couldnt even eat them

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Hi bengardening,

Maybe eating it/them cold would be preferable, in certain instances.

o j

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