Cabinet Paint FInish: Satin or Semigloss?

carrie_eileenJanuary 11, 2011

Me again with more last-minute questions for you experts as I go into major kitchen demo and planning. I'm doing painted cabinets; my painter will be using Sherwin Williams oil-based laquer. He wants to know Satin or Semigloss. What are your thoughts on this? What did you choose for your finish, and why?

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I used Sherwin William's semi gloss "Seattle Red" on some really ugly dark brown woodgrain laminated cabinets with oak trimmings. I did use Ralph Lauren's red primer.

It's a townhome we using as rental unit, the cabinets were really tired and the place looked old.

The result was quite amazing, the Seattle red on dark brown yielded a rich dark cherry red, all for hundred $ or so. The cabinets gotten a new lease of life. $$ saved was spent on new stainless steel appliances and laminated floor.

We invested around $3.5k, for the past few years, we have gotten $200-$300/month more in monthly rental then similar units in the complex.

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I did one set of kitchen cabinets in satin, and I didn't care for it in the end. It was too flat of a finish. IMHO satin paint is not the same sheen as a satin poly. I would recommend the semi-gloss. Can he show you samples so your own eyes can see it?

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You could always pop into Sherwin Williams and look at the sheen. They usually have samples in the store, at least mine did when I was there last Friday.

Personally, I like a bit of sheen, I'd go semi gloss if it were mine.


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agree agree, agree. Although the trend in cabinet sheen is less glossly than it was 10 -15 yeats ago, I'd go semi-gloss because it's paint, not cabinet finish.

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