HVAC quotes, really?

eaglemom100July 13, 2012

Needing some input by everyone on a quote I've received. Our 16 year old system has "issues" and soon will need to be replaced. I'm trying to be proactive instead of reactive here.

American Standard 4 ton, heat pump

15 seer condincer

drain pan

new disconnect box &

new whip

supply air plenum (the real problem, its rotten-ed & isn't connected any more)

802 thermostat

2 years free service

new pad

total price $11,058.00

We are in the Dallas/Ft Worth area of TX. House is 26 years old, and approx 2100 sq feet. We have new windows..


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I failed to mention it is a variable speed cond

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Need mdl numbers to offer an opinion.

Both outside condenser and inside air handler.

I assume you are in an all electric situation.

What size heat strip?

I would want the 803 thermostat or exact same HW mdl #8321.

New lineset included?

Any filter cabinet?

My first thought was a frisky price. Too high.


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size of house would help.
house on slab?

comfort issues?

old unit cooled ok before its demise?

sealing ductwork ..and duct connections
at plenum are overlooked. does bid include
mastic seal?

best of luck.

hiya tigerdunes.

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Why do you use heat pump in Dallas area ? If I remember right, gas heat in TX is not expensive at all, and you need gas heat to back you up anyway.

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I'll try to answer your questions:

I do not know the American Standard model number. Its a 4 ton heat pump with matching air handler at 15 seer. It is a variable speed

the 803 thermostat

we have an all electric house

old unit working but the plenum is discintragated so its got a rug on it!!! forcing the air inside house instead of in the dang attic!

new linesset

new plenum and mastic seal (metal plenum)

We are in the Dallas/Ft Worth area of TX. House is 26 years old, and approx 2100 sq feet. We have new windows, slab foundation

We do not have to have heat pump - could have regular AC but the cost savings is much greater with heat pump. We have the AC on usually from April - Nov. That's a long hot summer.

Hope I've answered the questions, thx for the help. Can't wait to see what you all think.

I asked if we'd wait until fall would the price be any different - something I'd heard before. He said no - price is price, even though a hot attic isn't ideal to work in its their job.

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that price is nuts. Get some quotes from some independent HVAC guys. Call on the phone and get some ball-park estimates on 15 seer units with variable speed airhandler. If they don't want to play ball with a guestimate then they won't earn your business.

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In my opinion you don't have a quote unless all model numbers are specified. If the contractor won't do this, then get more quotes.

The quote seems on the high side, but attic installations can be difficult. Nobody likes working in an attic in the summer.

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