Insulation around B-vent

alan_s_thefirstJuly 19, 2012

All this time spent in my attic made me notice that there's insulation right up to my B-vent. Is there supposed to be clearance? It's the pink glass stuff and there is absolutely NO discolouration indicating heat issues, which I have seen in other people's attics when I've been working up there.

I actually do have some rockwool insulation lying around, here in BC it's used in firestop applications - common walls, soundproofing between floors etc. Would using a section of this stuff be the answer?

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What is a B-vent? Is this a vent for the boiler? If it is a double wall vent, then no clearance is required. If you see no discoloration, then you should be OK.

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It's for my furnace, a mid-efficiency. I believe it is double walled. I have just been reading lots of discussions about clearances and they seem to even specify a 1" clearance for b-vents (it's some sort of class) but I've never seen any clearance made in any of the attics I've worked in, but I have seen some with heat discolouration. Not on mine, though, it looks like it was done yesterday.

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