Fisher / Paykel GWL11 washer Screeching sound

mahanscMarch 13, 2012

I've read several and I do mean several post on this topic but it's kind of hard to narrow it down. the Screechnig sound happens with either cold/hot water (this was verified last night). standing in front of the washer with lid open the screeching sound happends on the right side of the washer. it starts to fill and then on the right side of the washer (around 2 o'clock position) i think this is the what fill flume, when water comes out of that port that's when the screeching starts and it doenst stop till water stops coming out of it. Is this the water pump, or the valves going bad, or what. Any help is apprecitated. i woudl love to fix this myself as i'm saving for my daughters wedding this auguest no money in the budget for a new one or a high repair bill. thanks for any and all help.


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No. The fill flume is center/rear under the top deck. 2 o'clock position at top of the tub cover is a recirculation port, water that's already in the tub is PUMPED up and showered over the clothes.

Water valves are unlikely to screech. You have a bad pump.

Couple ways to confirm:
1) Select any cycle, advance to the final spin period, press Start. The pump will turn on to drain, and should screech assuming it's the problem.
2) Run the pump via diagnostics, which you should be able to find how in previous postings.

DO NOT continue to run the machine with a bad pump. It can short-out and destroy the controller board.

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