GREAT Fabric Softener for Sensitive skin and noses

larsi_gwMarch 31, 2012

I know a lot of people on our forum hate scented softeners, or cannot use scented softeners due to skin sensitivity issues. I found the most amazing softener!! I am NOT fragrance sensitive, but I like the super gentle, natural scent....and it leaves my clothes and sheets so soft and silky!

I bought it at my local Miele Vacuum store. It is 1 Liter, and the cost was $12. Very concentrated, yet at the same time very thin and fluid, and does not gunk up the FS compartment in my Miele W4842.

VERNEL Almond and Aloe Vera Fabric Softener

-Specially designed for highly sensitive skin

-Fragrance compatible for skin allergy sufferers

-Tested and Confirmed by the DAAB (German Allergy and Asthma Association)

-Ideal for babies and allergy sufferers

-Tested and Confirmed by the European Centre for Allergy Reserach Foundation (ECARF)

-No colourants or preservatives

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Do they have any other scent besides Almond? I really do not care for almond anything

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@gates1...I almost hate almond anything, and it does NOT smell like almonds. It is just a super light, clean smell. Not fruity, not nutty, not sweet.

Day at the Beach scent, which I also have, smells like traditional, old fashioned detergent/softener. I like it, but it is NOT for the scent phobic or sensitive!!

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I really like the lemon peach scent. Very light and clean smelling. I like the Almond and Aloe as well. It doesn't leave much scent after drying. Agree that Day at the Beach is the strongest of the three.

@ Larsi: Did you gent any more of the Miele Powder detergent?

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@ Covingtoncoat...I do not like the Miele Care powder or liquid detergents. I find them harsh, and not particularly great at cleaning. I much prefer Persil or Tide.

Where do you get the lemon peach scent? Never seen that one. Sounds greattttt!

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Another mystery as I don't find them harsh at all. The few other posters who did try them seemed to like them as well.

If the formulas are similar to the ones used for the Miele Wet Cleaning system how can they be that terrible?

I've never been happier with my laundry. For once, I really enjoy what I'm using and have no desire to switch.

Clearly, we all see things so differently :)

Suggest you try them yourself @covingtoncat and decide for yourself.

I also really like the Miele FS. It has a nice light (very pleasant) smell. It is also very thin and does not clog up the tray.

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Hi Larsi! Actually its called Peach and Lemon Blossom. I have seen it on Miele retailer websites. I believe I got mine from the Persil detergent vendor: Better Products On-Line.

@Livebetter: I, like you, am always tempted by differing laundry products. Rock Solid, I love Persil Megapearls. I was not overwhelmed by the smell and no adverse skin reactions. I have not tried the liquid or other powders. I was very pleased with the cleaning results. Price is the only issue for me. Wish I could find something cheaper that worked as well, but I haven't.

Miele detergent products are almost identical in price to Persil, just easier to get (for me).

Kinda like the folks on the kitchen forum who are obsessed with OTK (One True Kitchen), we are the OTD (One True Detergent), LOL!

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Larsi, if you like Vernel softener you might also like some henkels products (think these are Vernel with different labeling) I've switched to. I use Perwoll black wash and their Silk and Wool wash as well. Additionally, I switched to Persil megaperls and skin issues went away. Currently buying online from vacuumdirect along with my Miele vacuum bags.

Also had very good experience with Caldrea laundry detergent and enjoy the Sweet Pea fragrance.

Don't use softener with my FLs but with either the Persil or Caldrea no need to use it.

Still very much appreciate your tip on the Finish Quantum for the DW and totally agree on those.

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Thanks rococogurl!

Great recommendations! I have heard about Caldrea, but the few times I tried a 'boutique' brand...I was disappointed. When I use Persil or Tide, I always get the results I want & expect!

Yes, when I cannot get Somat 9 or Somat 10 dishwasher tabs (from Germany), the Finish Quantum are the BEST. Again, like with Persil or Tide, the Finish tabs always work perfectly!!

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