Setting of your A/C unit

RobbZeeJuly 22, 2012

I've got some friends that always have their A/C on Cool and a cold temperature. They leave it on even when they are not home. They don't want to be hot when they get home (that is what they say). I told them they are crazy. Leaving your A/C unit on all the time is fine as long as you set it to Auto and turn the temperature up a bit. If your unit is running all the time you can burn out the unit. What do you do for settings?

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I normally set my temperatures at 79 degrees with 40-45% humidity. I will my set back temperatures are 82 degrees.

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By 'burning out" you imply that running all the time is inherently bad for the AC. That is not true. By turning it off, you will accumulate fewer running hours which will increase service lifetime.. In addition to that, running continuously to recover from a set-back is less stressful than stopping a re-starting all day to maintain a temperature. Mostly what they are doing is spending a lot of money on electricity. Maybe they own the power company.

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