Is All free and clear mislabled?

beaglencMarch 18, 2013

I bought a bottle to use for sheets and towels and thought I was using a small amount yet wound up with mounds of suds. So this am I measured 1/8 cup for a set of queen sheets, again a mound of suds. Has the HE symbol on the bottle but just noticed that is says it's safe for HE washers. It is 3x, guess I should have looked at it more closely. So ? is how much, or little does it take for a load. Have a bosch 500+.

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In our laundry room, All F&C 3x can get a little sudsy, especially if the laundry has light soil level. I can only tell you what works for me.

First thing to do is get rid of the residual suds in your washer, between drum and tub. It is in there and you can't see it. How to do that with our FL washer requires either of these two solutions:

--- Run a very small load of dirty clothes (think of it as a suds magnet) with no detergent. The soil level gives the residual suds something to bond to and exit the washer or ...

--- Re-run the original load and toss in a few dirty items that I call the "suds magnet." That helps remove the residue from the current laundry and also launderes the "suds magnet."

--- If you have a Quick/Express cycle, run that with no detergent and empty machine instead, and watch the rinse cycle for suds.

If you don't get rid of the excess detergent residue, it'll be there for the next load, and ... you get the picture. Watch the rinse water for suds. Repeat as necessary.

I use 1/3 of whatever 'all' F&C says for dosing, but I have to do that with every brand and type detergent, both powder and liquid. Our water quality is "moderate" but leans toward the "soft" end of that category. Often I run an extra Rinse & Spin cycle for good measure. Hubby's and my detergent allergies can be triggered by too much residue in clothes, even of a F&C detergent.

If you know what your water quality rating is (hard, moderate, soft) it will really help you with dosing in the future. One thing I have learned with a FL washer is that water quality and dirt level of laundry being washed always have to be considered.

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I've noticed both the "Safe for HE" machines and "HE" detergent.

The one labeled "Safe for HE" makes suds (I don't care what anyone says).
I've used both types in my top loader (yes I said TOP LOADER)...and the only ones that don't make suds is the ones labeled for HE machines and not "Safe For HE".

If you have an HE machine look specifiably made for HE machines and not "Safe For", because they are NOT formulated the same.

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Great tip, george, thank you.

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