Where to order Pex tubing and aluminium plates?

reveriereptileJuly 24, 2014

Hi, I'm trying to find a reasonable priced trusted place to order the Pex tubing and aluminium plates for radiant floor heating. I've gotten a couple price quotes from Radiantec and Radiant Floor Company.

We are looking for either 7/8" or 1" that is 200-250' long. We have high heat loss areas through most of the house so we don't want to go longer than 300' coils.

Also does anyone know how to do the tubing layout? Our heating/plumber has worked on the systems before but never installed one. It's a small area up around here so most people can't afford to put the system in. He is a family friend is why we are using him.

I attached a picture of our layout. We were going to do 3 zones but my husband decided to do 5 instead. He wants the upstairs bathroom and nursery/closet to be 1 zone and the bedroom to be another zone. The downstairs he wants the hall, kitchen, and living/dining room area as 1 zone. The bathroom and office as 1 and the bedroom on it's own.

The main layout problem I'm stumped on is the pointed end and keeping the floor warm without a bunch of cold areas. The floor joists are running from side to side. If anyone has any ideas with at least the large zone downstairs I'd really appreciate it. I'm not sure whether to run a line and have manifolds under the joists to have everything connect to or have them run back to the utility room to a manifold there.

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check online

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You should check out SupplyHouse.com - formerly called PexSupply. They specialize in that stuff, among their many other products.

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