Aches & Pain as we age....Hips?

OakleyNovember 27, 2011

I'm on the other side of 50 (did you know I thought I was a year older until a friend corrected me the other day? LOL) and the aches and pains are quickly setting in.

I'm wondering if anyone has this same problem? For the past couple of years if I move around a lot, after a few hours my upper thigh "bones" hurt and I have to go slowly.

No big deal, it eventually goes away. The same happens when I wake up in the mornings. I get up & walk slowly, thigh bones are aching. After some ibuprophen they get back to normal.

I move a lot and walk fast.

A couple of weeks ago I had my checkup. The nurse was taking me back to the room and I was walking VERY slow because the aches in my bones hadn't gone away since I woke up. She asked me what was wrong and I told her my thigh bones get sore sometimes, no big deal.

She had me show her where I was hurting, and she said it was my hips! Oh Lordy.

I guess she wrote it down and the doctor was very interested in the pain. He said right now to just take something for the pain and not to worry about it...yet.

I've had GREAT energy all week, I've been on my feet off and on all day each day...until around 4. Then my upper thighs starts hurting, and I walk slow until bedtime.

Once I sit down for a few minutes when the pain starts, I literally creep along once I get up.

Anyone here have hip replacements and if so, does this sound like I'm on my way to having one? LOL.

I hate it when I mentally want to do something (like put up decorations) but my body says "NO!"

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I suspect that you are a long way from getting a hip replacement. Did the doctor talk with you about trying supplements?

So far so good for me, but members of my family and our dogs have had hip issues and have benefited from supplements. Glucosamine is the most commonly mentioned, but do some reading on cetyl myristoleate - my BIL saw a huge improvement from taking it. On the other hand, it didn't work for my ex-husband. He found neck pain relief from a supplement that contained Glucosamine and several other things.

Here is a link that might be useful: cetyl myristoleate

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I've been down 3 months. I was picking my daughter up at night; a rabbit jumped out & I stepped on the brake- turns out I separated my SI Joint. I'm still in my 40's. This is on top of my usual back pain. I see a chiro once a week; as luck would have it; I'm switching doctors right before this happened & don't see the new one until tomorrow. The pain is excruciating. My GP told me to take 4 tylenol; then 4 ibuprofen.

I don't understand why our generation has so many back problems. The younger crowd is even worst; I bet it's due to the heavy back packs they carry. I know a lot of teens or young 20's with back problems.

I have a few good links for photos; I'll get them together after I shower. They'll help you figure out where your pain is coming from.

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Gray, I'll check into the supplements because I've severely sprained my neck twice since April and sometimes it hurts.

Rose, that's awful! Do you have to lay down a lot? Yeah, I have lower back pain too. My body is falling apart. lol.

Be careful about the ibupropen though. Tylenol does nothing for me and I ended up with an ulcer a few weeks ago and the doctor thinks it was due to all the ibuprophen I was taking.

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Talk to your Dr. about magnesium and calcium. Hope you're feeling better soon!

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I have various pains here and there; in my case, lower back is the recurrent pain I battle the most. When the pain stays, I make sure I wear shoes all day,
I don't walk barefoot at all. Oakley, what is your preferred footwear around the house, and on days when you are on your feet a lot ? this might make a difference , at least it's something to pay attention to, and it may help.

I have light Nike trainers that I wear as soon as I step out of bed on certain days.

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If you are developing trouble in your hips, I think you need to know the specifics and not be told "don't worry about it for now." Could be muscular or tendons or real joint issues, but whatever it is, some physical therapy can do a lot to strengthen weakened muscles or develop support muscles or stretch whatever needs stretching. Don't waste time on supplements. You need a real understanding of what's going on mechanically to maintain healthy movement and to prevent or mitigate further deterioration. It's a quality of life thing.

My husband's going in tomorrow for a hip replacement. Physical therapy & stretching & strengthening exercises were the most beneficial things for him while his hip was deteriorating over the last 7 years.

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PLEASE be careful. My mom (who is 83 and you're probably a lot younger) hurt her hip a couple of weeks ago while walking with a friend. Her hip seized up on her when she got home and so for the past few days she has had trouble walking. Her doctor put her on muscle relaxants and apparently one of the side effects of those is sleepiness. Anyway, last night, with the combination of the stiff hip and the muscle relaxants, (and refusing to wait for me to help her)she fell backwards down some concrete stairs. Fortunately the only injury was a big gash to her head. Nothing broken! She is in really good health so there wasn't any blood pressure or heart rate issues either. She will, hopefully be ok in a couple of weeks. She still lives on her own and takes care of 1/2 acre of property and that may change but we'll see.

We did call an ambulance because of the blood loss and it's a good thing that we did because it turned out to be an arterial bleed and not just a surface gash. The silver lining on that (if there is one) is that you get to jump the wait line at emergency. Fortunately I was with her as was my DH, my niece's DH and his father.

Anyway, sorry to have made this about me and my mom. I'm a little upset and don;t usually do this. But oakley, please please be careful. Everybody out there just please be careful.

Now, off to restart my Glucosamine and go to visit my mom in the hospital. Thanks

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I loved Jack Lalane's comment when he was asked about aches and pains. He said (paraphrased), **Anyone over 40 who is at all physically active and says they never have aches and pains is a liar.** That is so true! I work out - I ache. I do yard work - I ache. I stand cooking all day - I ache. But it sure beats NOT doing any of those things. Yesterday we took a train downtown, had a long sightseeing walk and then a full day in a museum with the long walk back to the train. My hips, knees and lower back were aching - walking long distances on concrete does that every time to me. A little Advil, a hot shower and I'm good to go again.

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If I know I am going to be doing something that will likely cause muscle or joint pain later, I take ibuprofen before I start. This really helps. I take some before I rake and bag the leaves, before I head to the mall, etc. It really does stave off the aches later.

If your hip pain is just starting, you should do as much as possible to keep it from progressing. Stretch, wear good shoes, all the advice above. I have not had that symptom -- yet. I gave myself shin splints over the summer and they were excruciating -- no more very high heels for me.

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The Ibuprofen/tylenol is since last month. She's not qualified to adjust my meds; we were hoping I'd get into the new Dr quicker but it's taken a long time. By the 2nd month; I went in with chest pains due to the extra pain & not being properly medicated; so she told me to take the tylenol with my percocet; & the Ibuprofen in between.

The best "body map" is it shows where you'll have pain if it's spine related. I always have one printed out.

- another good image to print

Hip pain image search

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Bl, so sorry about your mom! Yikes! If I take a muscle relaxer I only do it when I know I'll be laying down.

The shoes I wear are just cushioned house shoes. But I don't think it would matter since I wake up in the mornings feeling stiff and hurting.

Rose, I take Lortab at times and it does help better than Ibuprophen, but I have to be really careful with the ibuprophen because of the ulcer.

We put the tree up today and it took me two hours to adjust it, and I was at every angle possible, even laying on the hardwood floor!

I'm gonna hurt soon. lol

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RNmomof2 zone 5

Roselvr, you are scaring me with the talk of your tylenol consumption. 1000 mg is the maximum that should be taken at one time. 4 325 mg pills puts you over that limit. Percocets and most pain relievers also have tylenol (acetaminophen) in them. A Percocet 5/325 has tylenol 325 mg in it. Those quantities need to be added all together to make sure that you are not taking over 1000 mg at a time and no more then 4000 mg in a day.

If you are taking 1000 mg combined, you need to wait 6 hours to take additional drugs with tylenol in them. Ibuprofen can be taken in addition to these drugs and it is often helpful to stagger the administration times.

Be careful with your drugs! It doesn't take much to abuse your liver.

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I have too many bone/arthritis and disk things to list here but one of the problems that really started affecting my everyday life whether standing, sitting or walking was the nerves that were being pressed in legs/hips as a result. I recently had the epidural steroid shots in my lower spine (after a time of taking things that did not work). It took two different tries but my life is now greatly improved. I didn't really like the idea of steroid shots but I couldn't go on the way things were. Throughout my whole life I had always been very active and into physical fitness but over the last few years my activity level just kept getting lower and lower and lower and lower for the pain. I'm so glad the last shot worked so I can now slowly ease back into exercising. I'm going to start back with walking and beginner Pilates before I start on the large muscles and my elliptical. I am absolutely disgusted with the condition I'm in and long for the days when people would rudely (I thought) tell me I needed to gain weight. Now it's probably going to take me close to two years to get close to where I was a few years ago physically but...I'll be baaack!
Oh, a note to those that maybe in the market for a steroidal epidural, get put under! I braved the last one without anesthesia due to the fact that I'm a control freak who didn't like the idea of not knowing what was going on during and after the procedure. It feels like you are getting struck my lightening with no anesthesia.

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I've mentioned before, but I'll give it another try. You might want to find another doctor. I agree with awm. Your doctor should have checked further, given you more info and never said "don't worry about it". It could be something as simple as muscle tightness, which is pretty common. Early 50's is too young for an otherwise healthy person to be having so many aches and pains. A good exercise program would probably do a world of good. It's important for your diabetes too. I know when we work im the house, etc. we think we are getting alot of exercise and we are getting some - but that is not really the exercise we need. We need something to get our heart rate up - ideally for 30 minutes a day. As women getting AHEM - older, we really need weight bearing exercise. Several here have had problems with the hip
and outer thigh tightness - including myself. I can't think of the name of the muscle right now. I did a few sessions of physical therapy and have used the runner's sticky thingy that you roll down your outer thighs to help with the muscle. Specific exercises to relax/stretch those muscles will also help.

If you have an ulcer, your doctor should also be telling you NOT to use ibuprofen.

Hopefully it's something minor like muscle tightness and nto arthritis, etc. Supplements could be a good idea though.


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tina: it is the IT band. If you look up on Google you will see the stretches that work . If you go to a gym you should do the adduction/abduction machine. It is the best for strengthening those particular muscles. They run the whole way down the outer leg and into the ankle area. Very painful and when it is super inflamed you won't be able to do stairs.

Oakley you mentioned that your hips are hurting on getting up. When was the last time your mattress/box springs were replaced. That is a key factor for many.

Another big factor in back problems is poor abdominal control. Most folks do not have the strength that they need in the abdomen/midriff area. It impacts the back in a big way and causes a lot of pain. c

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Thanks Trail! I couldn't think of it for the life of me. You are right! I warm up with the eliptical before doing stretches. Heat before exercises and ice after can also help. There is also a big foam thing you can lay on and roll your hips/thighs against. And yes, abdominal muscles is a good mention too! I need to work harder on those muscles myself.

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Oakley: I was going to mention what trailrunner just did and that's about your bed. When my back starts to hurt that's the first thing we check out is the bed and we're due for a new one. You shouldn't be hurting when you wake up so it could be the bed.

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Definitely have it checked out further, if not by your regular doctor, get a second opinion. It could be nothing to worry about but then again it could be.

Last winter I noticed that my legs started to ache when I walked any distance. After stopping for a few minutes it would go away. No big deal, right? But when I went for my annual physical this fall I mentioned it, and after asking me more questions, my doctor referred me to a vascular & thoracic surgeon. The tests he ran revealed that I have blockages (claudication) in both legs. I am currently on medication and he will be running more tests next week on my carotid arteries to see if there are any blockages there. I am in my early 60's and do have a family history of heart attack and stroke.

So please check it out!

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Oh gosh, I am the poster girl for aches & pains! I was a tomboy in my youth, and I took a lot of tumbles and falls. Broke more than a few bones, had my share of concussions and scars. Now I am totally paying for my 'misspent youth'.

Add to my list of former sports injuries, I was in a bad car accident that essentially ruined my left side...shoulder, knee, hip, wrist. My left knee is bone on bone, so I'm on narcotic therapy until they replace it. I don't have a lot of problem with my hip unless the weather is changing. My neck, on the other hand, is shot. I have arthritis in my neck and it's almost bone on bone at the c3 vertebrae.

I cannot take ibuprofen any more as a result of years of taking it for the injuries. And because the vicodin contains tylenol, my Dr. doesn't want me to take extra tylenol, instead, I can take extra on the vicodin, since it's a really low dose and he doesn't feel it's addictive at the dose I take it. I also get bi-annual liver tests to ensure the acetaminophen isn't causing damage.

My DH has hip problems, and he's been taking glucosamine for the past 6 months and swears by it. I know we've fed our elderly dog food with glucosamine in it for the past 9 years and he's got NO problems with his joints, and he's 16. Even our Labs are hip problem free...I swear it's the glucosamine.

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I really don't think it's my bed. Yesterday (and today) I woke up feeling fine, could walk normally. But once I sit down for the day and eat dinner, that's when my bones literaly start aching. They hurt mostly late in the day, especially if I've been active.

Of course there are times I wake up and am very sore. I also think it's my bones (hips) because of the type of pain I'm having. Muscle pain is different than bone pain.

Doctor told me not to take ibuprophen, but if I must, cut way back. I take a Nexium every morning for the ulcer, and if I'm hurting or get a headache I take Tylenol. If I have Lortab I'll take that instead. Ibuprophen is for breakthrough pain.

My SIL had hip replacement surgery when she was in her early 50s. If I get to hurting all the time, I'll definitely go to another doctor.

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I'd really check out the it bands. Ask your doctor if he would send you for a physical therapy evaluation. He shouldn't have a problem with that. When I was having pain, my doctor actually thought I might have bursitis, because the area where I felt the pain the most was in the area of the bursa. He could press on the area and it hurt. But thankfully, he is one who doesn't think he knows everything and will send you to those more qualified in certain areas. The other option was a steriod shot - thank goodness he didn't just do that - it would not have solved the problem. The physical therapist can evaluate many muscle/bone, etc. problems better than a doctor because that is what they do. A few sessions, some exercises I can do on my own and that's all it took. I'm one who hates to take medicine - so was thrilled I could solve the problem so easily.


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Like the others have stated if the pain persists with a mattress change and physical therapy really need some more opinions & tests. Sometimes a person can somewhat get accustomed to chronic pain (me) and you get used to pushing yourself on while mostly refusing drugs. Trust me in that you don't want to get into self-diagnosis by doing things that will temporarily make you feel a bit better in lou of further testing. Or, if you get further testing you may have to keep pushing until they find the reason. If it happened to be something involving the nerves that go through your hips and legs you can get permanent nerve damage so something will need to be done to stop the inflammation around that area or disk (that was the shot for me). Testing is a long drawn out process though to find something non-surgical that will work. For some physical therapy works to relieve things a bit or mild pilates /yoga type exercising can help. However, trying to be a tuff girl (me) you can end up with permanent nerve damage of some sort. If it is thought that your hip pain is coming from a herniation or some type of inflammation or other in your spine, do insist on a nerve conduction test with follow up nerve conduction tests.

Most importantly, so many people do start having problems the older they get and some have always had bone problems so you cannot compare your problems to the many others you hear about as it could hamper you. You have to take the direction of your care into your own hands (just in case).

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Sorry about your hip and all your pain. Have you had a DEXA scan? I'm in my 40's and have had bone pain since my pre-teens. I have osteoporosis (due to a HCTD) in both my spine and hip (only spots they seem to test on me). Like many have already stated I would see a doctor that will listen to you and find the cause of your pain before I started taking any medicine or even exercising. Again so sorry.... hope you can find some relief soon.

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I think you all are misunderstanding me because I wasn't that clear in my original post. I was wondering if others my age are experiencing aches and pains also?

I didn't go to the doctor that day because of my ache, it was brought up because my joints were stiff and I didn't make a big deal out of it. It's not an every day occurrence, but that day it was bad for some reason.

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Aches are one thing, pain is something else! I think every one gets aches no matter what your age, at least I hear my adult kids, especially DD's complain about them.

Pain is something to have checked out, as it could be rheumathoid arthritis, and medication may be available.

I'm almost 70, get aches, but *choose* to ignore them! If I make a big deal, they could get worse!! I believe in the 'theory', use it or loose it. ;o)

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Nope. I am 58 and no aches and pains. I run 3x a week about 1hr each time and have done that since I was in my early 20's. I used to run more often and further but my current routine works well. I also go to a high end athletic gym that caters to a variety of athletic levels right from young soccer stars to high school/university athletes to professional hockey players and baseball players.

But they also run a program for people who are athletic and want to improve their sports levels. They concentrate on core strength, balance, strength and agility and always with an eye to proper body positioning. All those things that are really important as we age. I've been going 3x week for about 5 years and it has made a huge difference
in my running but also in simple things such as doing housework and gardening and bending down to get things or to reach for things.

Having said that I am also blessed with good genes in terms of health.

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No, you were clear, oak! It's just the forum's nature to ramble a bit in the responses.

Still, wouldn't hurt to go figure out what's going on with your hips. IMO, hip problems tend to snowball. And you'll be much more comfortable if you catch problems early. Could be all you need is just some stretching & strengthening, but if it's the beginning of something serious, then you'll want to start managing it right away.

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I will also vouch for supplements. I have arthritis and it was very bad a year ago and I was on very strong medications. I modified my diet and take high dosage omegas with a high epa and dha count, hydrolyzed fish protein, turmeric and find these work great! No more prescription meds for me and I get to eat a much more "normal" diet again. Plus doing some stretches for your hips will help. Lie on your back and bring your left or right to the opposite side keeping your shoulders on the floor - a great stretch for the hips.

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Oakley, I have what I call "Baby Arm." My right arm and I'm right handed. Can't lift it over my head at times. It's been with me over a month this time. Need to wash the inside of my car windshield but I'm afraid my arm won't let me and it would just be worse. LOL!

Pulled my ACL joint in my knee playing indoor soccer a decade back and it flares up now and then. Especially when driving. The Radar Cruise Control has been a lifesaver as I don't have to maintain the same position.

Then there is my old feet. In the morning I can even limp a little until they get oiled up. Never go without shoes and slippers that support my high arches. And it's only in the morning when I first get up.

There. Is this what you wanted to know? LOL

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Gold, it's not a torn rotator cuff? I have that but I've larned to live with it. I can't lift my left arm out and up, like I was doing jumping jacks. Is that what you're talking about?

Ironically the thigh pain has been great this week, but guess what? I have pink eye in both eyes now! LOL!!!!! Got it from dh who got it from dgs.

I swear if it's not one thing it's another!

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I don't know, Oakley. Haven't been to the Dr but it seems to be muscular and lower than my shoulder. My shoulder feels fine. It's in my arm area that Popeye built up. (Wonder why Doctors never listen to me. LOL!)

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Not your age so I know this is not what you were looking for, but I have been getting a lot of aches and pains associated with pregnancy. When, by some miracle, my toddler lets me do yoga (sometimes she does it with me), I feel a LOT better. It takes a few days for it to start working but it feels good. DH was getting pains right when I started to (sympathy?) and he took ibuprofen. He said it did nothing. Couldn't get him to do the yoga with me . . .

Link below shows what I used. I found it as an instant video on Netflix.

Here is a link that might be useful: Healing Yoga

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Oh anele, I remember those pains from pregnancy! With my second, I'd constantly get cramps in my thighs of all plafces and dh would have to come massage the thigh. Thankfully he was an athelete and was familiar!

I figured out that if I'm very active I pay for it with pain the next day.

After watching what my SIL went through 3 years ago after a hip replacement and the strong pain meds she's STILL on, it scares me to death! lol.

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Try not to think of her experience. My dad had a hip replacement last year at age 80 and did wonderful! He had a great surgeon - 3 days in the hospital and PT after that. He has had a great experience with his replacement.

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I'm late to this discussion and I don't post too often, but what you described in your original post is how I was feeling for the longest time.

From what you said, I'd say the nurse was very likely right.
I had my first hip replaced on 2009 (at 54) and the other one this year (6 months ago).

Here's what I was experiencing - does any of it sound familiar to you?
* Pain in my thighs, especially towards the end of the day. The muscles were so sore and I could feel them twitching.
* Sleeping was difficult, since I could not find a comfortable position. I even bought a new mattress, since I thought that was the problem.
* There was occasional pain in my groin, best described as a knife twisted in there. :(
* I lurched when I walked, and for someone who used to gracefully manage modern gymnastics, that was embarrassing.

I had a physio consult and the physiotherapist told me what is so very logical, but what had not occurred to me, that a lot of the pain was due to muscles tired of trying to hold my body in a position where the pain was less.

I've linked to the booklet I was given. There are some good exercises in there to do.

And as for aches and pains in general. Yup, I have them.
The worst is the arthritis in the base of my thumbs. Really aggravating! Rub A535 and Ben Gay are my best friends. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Exercises are on pages 7-12

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Blfenton, what you said is really important about maintaining core stability. I'm 48, and not at my greatest weight, but I am fortunate I've never had any real orthopedic problems probably because I've always done a variety of activities.

Oakleyoak, recovery is longer than when our 30's even. If you used to be able to do high-intensity acitivity like running, you can still do it, but maybe consider something else for back to back.

I find that I do get very tight in my hamstrings, hip flexors, glutes, and IT band at the hip. I have to be really careful to stretch these after Spin or running, or even Zumba. The tight hip muscles can really hurt, especially at night.

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Oakley, jumping in here late. I don't exercise as I should so I know that I am loosing muscle tone. When I am on my feet a lot (shopping all day, housework all day, etc, I ache all over. The one thing I have finally learned that I have to do is wear good shoes. When I am on my feet a lot at home, I make sure I put good athletic shoes on in the house and wear them all day - makes a world of difference. I am so not an athletic shoe person -my feet get too hot, but I have a decent pair of Columbia's and a pair of Asics that have a lot of "breathing" mesh in them.

I can get by in the summer by wearing GOOD summer slides, flip-flops, etc. There really are some good ones that have a lot of firm cushioning and good arch support. I have an old pair of black Nike slides that really support my back and legs and Teva and Columbia make some nice ones. After 30 minutes on wood floors in my house slippers and my back is breaking.

I don't even attempt to wear cute, dressy spikey shoes except for maybe an hour at a time for special occasions.

I also KNOW that I need to exercise and get better muscle tone - just gotta get dedicated and make the time.


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really late here though i'd add my 2 cents
right hip replaced 19 days ago the morning after surgery, through i did have pain from the surgery, i could feel the relief in the hip joint
i'd been having pain in my thights for 7 to 8 years, but i have 4 bulging discs and my doc thought it was from my back
so i went to a neurologist and then to a neuro surgeon -ns said that much pain could not be coming from the discs and he thought he was my hip
was sent to orthopedic surgeon who proceded with shots (5 of them in a year and 2 months relief for 10 weeks or so and then another shot
at 1 year 2 months i went back to see him and he took xrays and said looks like it's time for a replacement
was i ready i said i'm free this afternoon
went back after a week= the surgery took one hour, i ate lunch, walked 5 feet frontwards and backwards slept awhile, ate dinner (steak wild rice broccoli) slept some more ate breakfast took two walks, lunch another walk, dinner, slept through the night woke to the doctor standing there asking me if i was ready to go home
48 hours from signing in at the hospital, i was on my way home
at my two week visit, they xrayed, i walked they said throw the walker and potty chair awain in two more weeks and come back in a month
a great experience

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cyn427 (zone 7)

In addition to all the other good suggestions about exercise etc., get a pair of MBT sneakers. Don't waste time or money with imitations that look alike, but don't have the same technology. My husband used to come home from work practically unable to walk. I bought him a pair of MBTs and he ended up buying three more pairs. You can get ones that are definitely sneaker style and others that are less casual. Our son thinks they look clunky, but the difference in our joint pain or lack thereof is amazing. I have both black sneakers and white. Wear them to school almost every day.

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I've been experiencing knee/leg pain as of late. I'm 51 and exercise (Zumba and Kickboxing) 3x a week. I love it but I'm hurting. I started taking Joint Juice over a week ago and I feel better already (glucosamine and other vitamins). I got the condensed version (shot) at BigLots 2 bottles for $15. Anyway, I think the sneakers/shoes make a big difference and I'm going to start doing more yoga/pilates and hope that helps as well.

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Cyn, thank you so much~although a little on the expensive side, if the shoes give relief, money isn't even a question! I love to walk, but the aching back and knees keeps me from doing it. Definitely will give them a try.

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Cyn, thank you so much~although a little on the expensive side, if the shoes give relief, money isn't even a question! I love to walk, but the aching back and knees keeps me from doing it. Definitely will give them a try.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Hope they help. I love mine. Be sure to read the directions and watch the video that come with the shoes. I think they run pretty true to size. I also take glucosamine and condroitin and think that helps too. Signed up for a once-a-week yoga class at school as well.

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