Frozen A/C and no air

Firestar502July 13, 2012

Hi everyone!

Hoping I can get an answer to this. The fan on the A/C unit is running (I can see it spin just like the other units). The weird thing is that there is no air coming inside my 3 floor townhome. I checked the air-filter and to my surprise, the grill is frozen solid! I've done some reading on-line and I've defrosted it by letting it sit (A/C turned off) - see picture. I thought the problem was solved after totally defrosting it (and then some) but when I turned it on, to my dismay, STILL no air coming into the unit. I'm in Texas and it's HOT!

Can anyone help? Would really appreciate any advice


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I had a situation on a Lennox system some years ago. Variable-speed ECM blower motor, it went wonky and was running backwards, thus no airflow.

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This is usually an indication of low refridgerant level. Time for a service. To clear the airhandler coil of ice, turn the unit off an leave the fan running on manual until ice clears. You may get some cooling back until service arrives.

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It sounds like to me that you have no air flow, or bad air flow quality. You are going to want someone to come take a look at it. If it keeps freezing then you are not getting the right air flow. Perhaps you need it cleaned out.

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By the look of the frost pattern on the coil, it's more than likely low on refrigerant or possibly a restricted expansion valve.

There are a variety of other reasons:

37 year HVAC veteran

Here is a link that might be useful: How to fix air conditioer that freezes up

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Great link! I can't imagine it would be undersize ductwork, it just started freezing. Have you checked the filter? When was the last time you had the A/C unit serviced? Once a year is the trick. If you recently did they would have caught a clogged filter. I would call your local HVAC company and tell them what is going on. You don't want to do more damage to the unit.

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