freon vs. puron

grullablueJuly 31, 2011

Our central air is not working. Last year at this time it quit, and turned out we needed freon. Refilled, tuned up, and was good to go. Now, same thing is going on, ices up (the coil, is it?) but no cold air, and it's insanely hot in here. My repairman hasn't been out yet (tomorrow) but I talked to him Friday, and he suspects we have a leak somewhere, and no more freon, or low. That's when I learned they've switched to a new product, puron.

Am I understanding correctly, that if this is the problem, which we're sure it is, that we would have to buy a new unit? Can you fill a unit that previously used freon with puron? Our unit is 10 years old. This is surely not an expense we can do very easily right now....but, our house, with no trees to block the sun, gets way too insanely hot without air. And, no windows suitable for a window a/c. We have the crank type windows, not the sliding up/down windows. Ugh.

I guess I had hoped it would be easy enough to just find the leak, fix it, and fill the unit with puron instead of freon........but I'm assuming that is not an option? Until I talked to him briefly on the phone, I didn't even know freon wasn't sold any longer.


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Thats all he needs to do... find the leak, repair it and recharge your system. Freon by the way... is a tradename... kinda like "minivan" just means a small van, not a particular van. Dupont coined the name a long time ago and it generally means any refrigerant, kinda like "Puron" is Carriers name for R410A. As for your system, if it took almost a year before you noticed that it was icing up, then more than likely the leak is in the low side of the system or in the evaporator coil. Worse case is he has to replace the evaporator coil if thats where the leak is. By the way, R22 is still plentiful(i go thru about 90lbs a week during the summer)but you can not charge a system with R410A (Puron) that is designed to run on R22.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the info! It is R22 that we use.

We have decided to replace the unit is too small for our house, too inefficient, so we're just replacing rather than repairing. It's been a hot 4 days...but it's getting replaced tomorrow!

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