3/4 inch gas line riser

tgmccallieJuly 21, 2010

I have run a 3/4 PE line to my 175,000 BBQ and am using a 3/4 inch riser where I come out of the ground to hook up to my 3/4 inch gas supply line.

Now I do not understand and hope someone can explain it to me.

I needed the 3/4 inch line to supply the gas to the bbq and am using a 3/4 full body shut off valve at the sourse.

The thing I do not understand is this: Why does a 3/4 inch PE stab fitting riser have 3/4 inches all the way except the end that you hook up to the sourse 3/4 line. At this end of the riser it is only 6/8 inches not a full 3/4 inch like the stab fitting end and the rest of the riser pipe.

Will that not defeat the 3/4 inch line all the way or is there something that I do not understand?


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6/8 is 3/4

The unit is 3/4", just the body is bigger than the 3/4" threads.

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