Clearance needed for visual screen

tinanJuly 4, 2014

We just had Bryant A/C installed it's the slim model with the horizontal fan. Unfortunately the only plane to locate it is very close to our front door where it's an eyesore. I plan to make a panel from a section of reed ("bamboo") fencing framed. I would leave space at the bottom and sides to enhance airflow (and the reeds are not dense so air can flow through). However i want to make sure the 12" of space between the unit and the screen would be OK...The owner's manual says 12" for "tall grass or shrubs" but doesn't mention fencing.

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If you are putting up a fence that allows air to flow through it then 12 inches should be fine. You should want to make sure there is enough access for a tech to be able to service the unit.

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I plan to mount the fence panel to the posts with hook/eye hardware so it can easily be moved for cleaning and access. It will allow air flow but would definitely slow air down.

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The photo you show will definitely impede air flow. As well, as close as that one is it will encourage cob webs and leaves and anything else that can further restrict air flow. that will cost you money in reduced performance as well as increased service.

If you have a viewing angle you are trying to protect, perhaps you can make a fence and use 1x3 slats but set them on a 45 deg angle. You then allow the air flow, but protect the view.

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I'm hearing some different feedback... let's rule out cobwebs and debris because this is directly next to my front door, I plan to keep it very clean. The reed panels I have are smaller than the bamboo pictured, about 1/2" diameter each and between each reed is a space of the same width, so to me the reeds seem very air-porous.

Also my Bryant unit is not like the one pictured it is the slim one so the fan is horizontal. The short end has no fan directed, while the long end is the fan intake. The unit was installed about 8" from the wall of the house (note the manufacturer description says "areas as close as six inches away from your home") and I believe the direction of the fan is towards the wall as I can see the fan clearly from this side and the coils are toward the wall. The top of the unit is solid. It's similar to the one in the link below.

The owner's manual only says - "maintain a 12â (304.8 mm) minimum clearance between the outdoor unit and tall grass, vines, shrubs, etc"

Here is a link that might be useful: Unit

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