Bianco Antico granite is in, 3 issues...

amysmith1979January 24, 2011

So I have to admit I am a perfectionist so want some honest opinions. I LOVE my new Bianco Antico granite, but have 3 issues with it. The first and most troublesome is that after the granite installers left I checked out the granite and moved the granite cutting board they left me and found a 12 inch hairline crack/fissure going from the front of the countertop straight back 12 inches. Very upset about this, it is zig zagged and I cannot feel it, some parts of it appear white like it was filled but not sure. The second issue is the sink cutout, one side is not completely straight. We have a 90 degree sink and one side is perfect on the cutout but the other side of the sink cutout is off slightly by less then a 1/4 inch. I can notice it but the husband says its fine. 3rd issue is where the granite meets the wall. Everywhere the granite meets the wall nice and tight except for one area there is a 1/4 inch gap that they filled with what looks like grout or something. I am hoping when we put up a backsplash that this will get covered. Would you accept all these issues? Am I being too picky? Husband says its a natural product so I am expecting perfect which doesn't exist. But a 12 inch hairline crack is really upsetting to me, I didn't pay that much money for a fissure/crack? I did see the slab prior and I did not see any fissures and I even asked the granite guys and they said there would not be any in the section they used. So maybe we both missed it since it cannot be felt and is just a hairline one? What should I do? This company came highly recommended to me, so I guess I was not anticipating any issues.

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First of all yes it is a natural product and yes there will be fissure in stone, that is natural. However the granite fabricator should have seen that it would be in the edge and either informed you or made the call to move the pieces around so the fissure was less apparent. Most granite slabs are treated with resins from the factory, so saying it has been filled with something is probably true, most fabricators do not have the ability to refill and polish out the slabs like the factory does. The issue of the sink could be the sink itself not being square (if the cutout is square) If the cutout is not made square to the sink I would not accept it. Typically you will see about 1/8" gap from the wall to the granite, however a 1/4" is acceptable as long as the backsplash will cover the void.
I hope this helped.

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I would go ahead and call the fabricator about your concerns. Also, that cutting board? I think unless it has protective feet, you shouldn't have it on your counter--granite scratches granite. And granite is a poor choice for a cutting board, it will dull your knives. It might make a nice place to serve cheese, but don't cut on it.

Regarding the space where the counter meets the wall, will you have tile there by any chance to cover up the gap? My installers cut into the drywall to make sure it fit snug up against all the walls.

As a fellow BA owner, I think you deserve to be happy, 100%, and doing a happy dance right now. Call. Perhaps the owner can come by and check out your concerns. There is nothing to lose by calling.

Please post pictures, you know how we are.

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I don't have much advice except to agree with Bee. Call them, but take a deep breath first to be calm. BA is my fav granite so I hate to see someone disappointed with it although I know it is more on the fragile side than some. I want to see lots of fab pics and hear about how much you love it!! Let us know how it works out please.

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Those of you who have bianco antico, do any of your slabs have hairline fissures or cracks? Mine is about 12 inches long and isn't extremely noticeable but I can see it. It is smooth to the touch however, so its like a hairline fissure inside the granite.

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I forgot to mention I did call them on Saturday and they said they would call me today by afternoon to setup a time for them to come and look at it. They never called me so I just called and left them a message. I hope this isn't going to turn into a big issue. I just really am not happy with the line, I wasn't anticipating spending this much on granite to have a crack/fissure in it. Its not that noticeable but still it really has upset me.

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Hi this is the first time I have ever done anything like this so am not sure if I am even doing it in the right fashion, hope so in order that some of you may be able to help me out. My hubby and I have just installed our new kitchen and choose bianco antico as our granite. It was installed a couple of weeks ago and I love it. However we have had it covered up whilst we have been doing some other projects in the adjacent family room. Now on closer inspection of the granite we have seen some things that we are not sure are normal or are flaws so any help you can give would be much appreciated.

So what are the issues you may ask, well the granite is not completely smooth to the touch in some areas and if you see the light shining on it these areas are dull whereas everywhere else is shiiny,some of these parts fell like they are rubbery as if they have been filled with something and when I press my nail into it gently you can see the mark!!!!There are also some areas where it feels like the granite has tiny chips in it. Finally are they meant to polish the underside of the granite or do they leave it the way you see it in the lot with that netting stuff attached to it???

To make matters worse when they installed the granite they smashed into one of our new cabinets - a 3 drawers base - and left a 2 inch dent in it. I did call and speak with the owner who had always been extremely friendly with me until that point when he all of a sudden became very defensive about it. After much ado he did agree to take the money off the final amount due in order that we could purchase a replacement cabinet, which we did and now looks good.

Is the problems with the granite normal or should I go and see what can be done about it and what if he says nothing can be done - what then.

Sorry about the long message but I am really upset about this and don't know what to do....


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We just installed Bianco Antico and have the same things happening. It's not polished smooth and the rough spots come through (mostly on very shiny quartz deposits and there are small chips in it. The granite guys are coming to have a look and I'll post their response.


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We have the same problem as you Mark. The ba granite is quite rough in places you can see them in the right light and catches my dish cloth. lucky we only had it installed 2 weeks ago and haven't paid for it yet, they are coming out to look at it. What happen when they came out to yours? And has anyone else had this problem?

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