Help with entry level washer & dryer for daughter apartment?

mtrotMarch 9, 2012

Hi, my daughter needs to very soon purchase a washer and dryer for her apartment in Dallas. Based on pricing, it looks like this will need to be your traditional agitator type washer.

We went to Sears and Best Buy and looked at a few. I was most impressed with a Kenmore model at $499. Sears has a 0% interest for 18 months promotion going on through today. My daughter liked a Whirlpool we saw at Best Buy, but I thought the control knobs felt really chintzy like they would fail before too long.

Can anybody recommend the best entry level washer/dryer based on performance and reliability? Is there any brand that currently seems to be the best?

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We went with a budget pair when we bought a house and had to provide all of the appliances. We were cash poor after the downpayment and closing costs, so we went with budget in mind. We found a good deal on an Estate washer and dryer. Estate is made by Whirlpool. We bought the appliances in 2002 and they are still going strong. We have had to replace the door switch and agitator dog ears this year finally. Easy DIY job and the parts were under $40 total.

I think they are mostly sold at smaller, independent retailers. You use whirlpool parts on them. I think we got the set for around $600.

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My son and his wife were in the same situation recently. I recommended they check used appliance stores in San Antonio, specifically for Speed Queens which are very reliable. They were able to buy a really good SQ washer and dryer, with delivery and installation, for about $450. Honestly, a good laundry pair from a used appliance store can often be a better bet than an inexpensive a new W/D set.

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I would agree with Dianne47 that the better choice would be a higher quality used appliance. Craigslist can be a great source if you know a little about the units. I recently purchased a used Asko set, 3 yrs old for $400. The owner didn't want an appliance that was out of warranty!

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Thanks for the replies. She ended up going with a Whirlpool set from Best Buy. They were priced at 10% off regular price, and then she also got an additional 15% off of that price when they rang up the sale. She also qualified for 0% interest for 18 months and free delivery and installation. So, it was a hard deal to pass up.

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