laundry tub in a cabinet?

ontariomomMarch 4, 2012

Hi all,

I am searching for a reasonably priced stainless laundry tub that can go in a cabinet. A while back some posters were talking about such a laundry tub from Ikea. I mentioned to my plumber yesterday that we planned to get a stainless laundry tub from Ikea and he was full of warnings. For example, he suggested many of Ikea's plumbing fixtures are not CSA approved, and often the fittings etc are not user friendly for the North American market.

Any thoughts on either the Ikea laundry tub, or another brand of laundry tub that fits into a cabinet?



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Hi Carol,

I suspect your contractor hasn't stepped into Ikea in many years. Things have changed there.

I just did a quick search of faucets and all that I looked at said, "CSA/IAPMO approved."

I have an Ikea sink in my laundry - it's nice and deep. They don't sell mine anymore but my neighbor has this one and loves it (link below).

Neither of us had a problem with it.

It's a sink not a faucet so I can't see how complicated it can be.

My contractor had an issue with Ikea too and insisted I go with custom cabinets in my laundry. I regret it to this day. My neighbor did high gloss red cabinets from Ikea that match her LG washer/dry and her room looks fantastic. It's held up very nicely.

These two laundry rooms were from Princess Margaret Dream Homes (done by Linda Reeves of H&H Mag). These two rooms are done with many Ikea items and they look fantastic.

Here is a link that might be useful: ikea laundry sink

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I've been looking for such an arrangement as the cabinet that covers the washer and dryer. I was going to see if someone could build the cover with the laminate looking top on it but if IKEA has one already made that would be great! Does anyone know if that W/D cover is available from Ikea or from anyone else for that matter? Would be so much easier just to purchase it already made. Thanks!

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Thanks for the links and fabulous inspiration pictures of laundry rooms! I appreciate your recommendation on the Ikea laundry sink.


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@gr8day, those counters are polished concrete (not from Ikea). Here is a link to the gallery of photos for that dream home. You can read the source guide to see what came from where.

Ikea does have counters in stock though. That set up would be easy enough to do with pieces from Ikea.

In the image above with the LG machines the following items came from Ikea:

Cabinets, chair, stools, shelves, sink, faucet, pitcher, hangers, glass jars, baskets

Here's a link to the 2010 home as well if you want to read the source guide (it's the image above with the green subway tiles. Here is another shot of that laundry where you can see the Miele machines. The cabinets, counters and faucet were from Ikea (probably the floating shelves too).

Google Ikea and laundry and I'm sure you'll get lots to look at and read.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo Gallery: 2011 Princess Margaret Showhome

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