Investigating inside Miele W1903

potteryladyMarch 25, 2012

Looking for what is normal when checking out the inside of my washing machine. I am doing this because my drum will not spin when on or off.Also, noticed that once I removed the detergent tray, the top of plastic frame that holds the tray has dark brown/black flakey stuff on it. Is that normal or a sign of something burnt? The drawer itself is clean, but the previous owner probably cleaned it. I took off the front panel, I can see a VERY light dusting of black dust, perhaps carbon???Normal? Took off the top panel, everything looks fine, I guess. I have never done this before and this is my first Miele washer.Liriodendron, do you have any ideas?

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brown/black in detergent drawer could be mould. If the previous owner didn't leave the drawer open (or remove it) after washing, mould could form on the frame around the drawer. I've seen that before.

You just need a little bleach in water and a brush to scrub that off.

Still can't help you with the drum issue - sorry.

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Thanks livebetter, that's one less thing I have to worry about. As for the drum, I'm thinking of having Miele service come on Tuesday. Then I'll know if it's repairable or to start looking for another used machine. At least I'll already have one for spare parts. Am I correct to assume that all new parts are only available from Miele?
I have read about testing the drum for wobble, how much does your drum move if you grab it and try to move it? Not at all or maybe an inch or so?

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I would get Miele in. Get it fixed right and start using it. I'm still of the mind set that your problem is an easy fix (but what do I really know ... lol). I would have wanted the struts in for moving it to be safe.

I have the larger W4842. My drum turns easily in either direction by hand and I can wobble it freely back and forth. It should move quite freely so it can handle the stress of spinning large or out of balance loads (I would think).

I'm not married to a handy man (and I'm not a handy woman - although if anyone is wielding a screw driver around here it's me ... ha ha ha) so I have to rely on others to fix stuff. It's just the way it is and I accept that. I would hate to see you cause damage that could have been avoided.

Just my two cents.

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potterylady - The black stuff is likely just mold from being stored wet.

As for the drum - Is the machine inoperable, drum doesn't turn during cycles? How long did the machine sit unused before you purchased it?

I am not naturally mechanical but my handy husband is out of the country for weeks at a time for work and I have become quite adept at fixing things. First step is to get a copy of the service manual if you want to try this on your own. has a lot of DIY posters who are most helpful. is a site where you can post repair questions and get answers.

I don't have a Miele but being built to last means being built in a way that it can be reasonably repaired. I have an older Asko that I managed to replace a drain pump on.

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Sandy16 has your service manual.

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I did get the service manual last week, thanks. Yesterday, an appliance guy looked at the machine. He took off the belt, did some stuff and talked to the Miele customer service tech. Miele told him what to do and then after a brief conversation, the tech said it had to be the bearings. That is not good! They said we could send the drum back to them to be repaired for $1000.00-$1200.00. It's not worth it! I'm going to look for another used machine, but this time I will know a little more about what to look for and what to ask about a used machine. Look at it this way, now I have a parts machine! Lesson learned!This was definitely a learning experience. But I still want to be an owner of a Miele washer. The T1515 dryer that came with the washer is fine. Hopefully I will find a W1900 series washer that is compatible with my dryer. Let the hunt begin and thank you everyone for the help.

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Sorry for the disappointing outcome. Did the repair person specify that the washer had to be the 1900 series or it would not work with the dryer?

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There are 2 reasons I need a W1900 series. 1) The Miele power supply receptacle that is currently used for both appliances specifically indicates that only model T1500 dryers and W1900 washer series should be used with that plug(unless I change the electrical). 2) Also,I want to stack these machines(I have the stacking kit) and believe I should only stack with Miele recommended models.I only have room for 24"x24" machines. But if any of the Miele experts out there know something different, let me know. I am a newbie at Miele ownership.

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Sorry for the disappointing outcome. Did the repair person specify that the washer had to be the 1900 series or it would not work with the dryer?

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Hi Sandy
I'm not sure if the double post is a mistake or you want me to answer your question. I'll try again. The repair person did not discuss the dryer with me.My info is from Miele customer service. He only looked at the washer. The dryer had to be moved off of the washer so the repairman could get into the top of the machine. The dryer is in my livingroom at this time and it is not hooked up. But, I have been thinking (that could be dangerous), I would like to attempt to take off the rubber boot and check the drum for an obstruction since the repair guy did not do that. I have also contacted the person I purchased the set from and she still says it was working perfectly for her one month prior to the sale and has agreed to send me a refund.So, since no bearing noises were heard by her, I think I need to take a look inside the drum. Most info I have read about bearings said that they get gradually noisier. I figure I have nothing to lose at this point. Wish me luck!

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I'm not sure why my post showed up twice. Sorry! Good for you for working on the washer. As you stated, nothing to lose and so much to learn! Let's hope it is a simple fix and that your service guy was being over cautious.

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