Cabinet height over FL with Pedestal

Pauli02March 25, 2011

Thank you all for the great discussion that have influenced my decision to purchase new wave touch Electrolux washer and dryer to replace our Neptunes. They have been on their last legs for a while with bearing failure, spin sound like a jet engine.

I should be receiving them in the next week, very exciting, and I have a question. I need to move my current cabinets up and need to know how far. The spec sheet says the overall height of the units are 53 inches with the pedestal and my current cabinets are 52.5 inches. Based on others installations is the spec dimension a maximun, meaning is this the dimension with the leveling legs fully extended and the actual overall height of the units shorter? I need to move the cabinets but do not want to create a gap so large allowing things to make it into the "no mans" land between the bottom of the cabinet and the top of the machines but not so tight that I cannot install the new machines. So, do I set the cabinets are 53 inches or something slightly higher. Your input is greatly appreciated.


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I have an Electorlux pair. They are 53 1/4" tall. (But the floor of this house we are renting while building isn't quite level. I had my appliance guy move them-safer for them that way) He had to do some adjusting to get them level.

The cabs here are 54 11/16", so there's about an 1 1/2" gap(not too bad and haven't lost anything for the 7 months living here)

I would be worried about setting them at 53". I had this discussion with my cab guy and I think he was going to set mine at 54".(I need to check that now that those are in-thanks, hadn't thought to double check him.


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Goood grief! Cab maker set them @ 60"!!!! Now, I have to have him come back and lower them. I will have almost a 7" gap at the top not to mention I'm vertically challenged and only 5' 3". I barely touch the top shelf without the countertop installed!

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