Heat pump installation cost

langle1033July 18, 2009

I plan to buy a new 3.5 ton, 15 SEER Goodman heat pump system online, cost around 2.4K. Free shipping.

I live in NC. What is the fair price to install the new system and discard the old unit(both inside & outside unit).

Thank you

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Just so you know:
- Goodman doesn't warrant online purchases, no matter what the website that you're buying from claims. Check Goodman's website. www.GoodmanMFG.com. Bottom of the page.
- You will have a difficult time trying to get a pro to install a system that you bought.
- If you do find an installer (hopefully not a Hack), they will not provide a parts warranty. That comes from Goodman. A 1 year labor warranty is typical from the installer.
- If there is a problem with the install or the equipment, you won't have many options and it could get expensive.

Good luck.

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Langle you're much better off having a professional purchase and install the equipment. In my opinion. Gary's laid out the main arguments against in his post above.

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Buying from a dealer not near you is a hassle not because Goodman won't honor their warranty - if you buy from an authorized Goodman dealer no matter where they're located and follow their rules, you're probably okay.

Goodman (and Rheem) probably post their statements about on-line sellers more to placate their dealer network than anything else. And notice that they narrowly define the prohibition to on-line sales, so as has been suggested, use the phone to place the order.

The for-sure problem is that if something breaks, you're going to have to pay to ship the part back where you bought the unit and wait for a replacement. And the bargain-rate tech you used to help with the install doesn't have much skin in the game, and may expect to be paid if he needs to trouble-shoot a problem that turns out to be Goodman's fault.

The other problem is finding a qualified tech willing to help you. I think you pretty much need a friend in the business.

I found a guy (Craig's List) who was willing to do an install (with a helper) for $1200, but it was clear that that was for a smooth, one-day job and contingencies were on my dime. I wasn't comfortable enough to go ahead.

The someone recommended a guy who works in the maintenance department of the large corp I work for who does a/c work on the side. It was clear from our phone conversation that he wanted to act as a dealer without a tent, selling me a system and pocketing much of the profit a dealer would expect.

So attractive as it sounds to get a system for $4k for hardware and $1K for labor, it's not likely to happen.

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Although I stated the potentially bad/negative things to the OP about what he wants to do, and you're also thinking about it, I did something similar 2 years ago.

I found a "brick and mortar" HVAC house that supplies the public. After I specked it out, I bought a 3-ton 14 SEER/12 EER/9 HSPF Goodman heat pump and matching air handler. I had to pick it up at the supply house or they would have delivered it for extra $$. My wife worked for a property management company so I used one of their pros for the install. They provided a one year labor warranty, and the supply house provides the parts warranty because it is not an internet buy. The install included some sheet metal work to tie the new air handler into the existing ductwork.

I paid about $2500 for the heat pump and air handler including a txv, by-pass humidifier, plastic condenser mounting pad, liquid line filter drier and sight glss. Install was $1300. For $3800 I think I did OK.

So far so good after 2 years with the new system. A quality installation makes or breaks the system's performance and longevity.

Take care.

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Thank you for all inputs. Finally, I have a contractor bought and installed the system. I have full 10 years part warranty from Goodman plus 1 year labor from the installer.

I thinking of purchasing the extended warranty for the compressor replacement labor. It covers the compressor replacement labor up to $400 for 5 years (cost $40.00) or up to $800 for 10 years (cost $100)

Which program should I get ??

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I charge $900 on warranty compressor replacements.
it includes, service call, freon at today's rate and acid clean Rx11 & nitrogen, labor and warranty claim paper work to put in the warranty compressor.

First is the extended warranty through goodman or an insurance company? A manufacture's extended labor warranty is much more reliable, quicker and safer!!

If this is goodman's extended labor warranty then would it be worth $100 to save $700?

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What should I expect to pay (Southern state) for installation of a heat pump? (13 Seer, 2 ton) The whole unit,not just the outside part?

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