LG WM214OC Rejecting Hot/warm water?

armjimMarch 3, 2011

I just replaced a 10 year old Sears Frigmore with an LG WM214OC and am trying to figure out if my new machine is defective. It was just delivered yesterday. I have always heard how long the cycles are, so I was prepared for that. The trouble I think I am having is that on the Normal/Cotton cycle it will not use warm or hot water. When I did a load of towels yesterday I felt of the glass and it was cool to the touch. I opened the door and the water was cool. I had it on Warm/Cold rinse, and probably Normal soil. This early morning I did a Permanent Press load and put it on Heavy Soil, and the water was warm when I tested it. I just put in another load of towels/sheets, selected Hot water, Heavy soil and Cottons/Normal and the water is cool (if not cold). I called Best Buy yesterday and the young man suggested that they need to send me a new washer. I tried calling LG and was put on hold for more than 5 minutes. Can any of you LG experts give me any guidance? I have a laundry tub next to the washer and always turn the tap on to get the hot water flowing. The hoses are correctly installed. I don't want to have to start sending machines back and waiting for new ones unless this one is clearly defective.

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My LG front loader will add cold water to a hot load (to adjust the water temp if the machine feels the load is too hot. ) probably some government energy savings BS. Stick your fingers in the soap tray when you start your next load and feel when cold water is being added to your fill. Maybe your senser if out of spec.? As for your glass not getting hot. I would discount that as the LG glass is insulated very well, as my glass only feels warm near the end of a sanitary cycle.

I truly wish I had total control of my water temps and fill level.

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