problem with my kenmore 110.20722990 washing machine

tralynnMarch 12, 2011

It is about 9 or 10 years old and don't even know where to begin. The washer will fill with water and that's it. Have had trouble with it before, think it was the control board, had that changed. It will fill with water and then it just stops. Turn the dial and it does not agitate does not spin, nothing. It does not even make any noise like it is trying.

Any suggestions? Is there any sites for diagnostic testing? Thank You.

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There is no control board on this machine. The timer is mechanical.

Once the machine fills to the selected water level, it won't fill any further (except to a higher level) until the water is drained. Sounds like you've tried more than once to run a cycle ... did you drain the water somehow (lay the drain hose down to the ground, perhaps?), or is it filled and you've just tried changing the timer to various cycles?

If the motor will not run in any timer position, at any speed setting ... suspect the motor capacitor, motor start switch, speed selector switch, or timer. Or the lid switch, but that typically affects only drain/spin ... it should agitate with the lid open, except if it's a new enough model with a revised lid switch design that also prevents agitation.

The motor is accessed by removing the entire outer cabinet ... NOT from beneath or the back. You can find video clips on YouTube showing how to disassemble the machine.

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I have not drained it completely and tried refilling. Have just turned it to different settings and tried with no luck. My husband is now taking the outer cabinet off and taking a look.

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I'm having similar issues with the same model that's almost 11 years old. I just ordered a replacement lid switch which I believe will fix the problem.

Did you get your issue resolved?

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