There's water in my washer!

julescapMarch 17, 2012

Just had my new Lg Waveforce 5101 W/D delivered yesterday. I have washed and dried 1 large load of darks and I am so excited. The clothes were actually washing in a tub of water! My clothes were probably in shock,probably thought they were drowning as they have never had this experience before! I added extra water to this load so I'll have to see what will happen when I don't add water, but I'm so overjoyed to know that I can have a tub of water if I want. This is my 2nd TL HE machine. 1st one I had for ~8 yrs and I hated that I didn't have the option. Some clothes actually came out of previous machine with huge dry spots...never actually got totally wet! My family and next door neighbor were all standing around watching the machine work through the glass top. I love the glass top, but I may not get much else done because of it!

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Glad you're happy - enjoy your new machine!

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8 years of fighting with a machine for clean clothes? You must be in heaven to finally have one that works as it's supposed to! I'm happy for you!


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Good to hear! I'm assuming that when you say you added water you added it with the option that the machine comes with and not manually?

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Just curious: why didn't you get a FL? Fl's do such a superior job of cleaning clothes, I'd never go back to a TL.

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I love TL machines. I'm not convinced that FL do a better job.:)

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I won't bother to convince you. enjoy your TL's

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Congrats julescap! I also agree with you. We have that exact model and more than happy with it (and it's dryer). So happy we dumped our front loader, fighting the water levels worrying about mold/mildew, keeping the door open (suggested by manufacturer).

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@implied consent..Thanks ! Just out of long wave you had your Waveforce?

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